Top Reasons Not To Move To Kansas City, Missouri

Top Reasons Not To Move To Kansas City, Missouri

Top Reasons Not To Move To Kansas City, Missouri

In this article, I will give you top reasons not to move to Kansas City, Missouri.  We’ll talk about crime, weather, and the cost of living.  Once you read this article, you will know what is available for those who are looking for a new place to live.

Do you know which city is located exactly at the geographic centre of the United States? Well, technically, it’s the small town of Lebanon, Kansas, but that’s kind of in the middle of nowhere.

The most geocentric major city is Kansas City, Missouri, which might also sound like the middle of nowhere if you haven’t been there, but it’s very much in the middle of somewhere to somewhere has to be exactly the states of Missouri and Kansas right at the confluence of both the Missouri and Kansas rivers. It’s right here on a map.

And yes, I am aware that technically Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri are two different cities, but they’re a part of the same metropolitan area along with 15 different counties between the two states. How did this happen? Well, let’s take things back to the 1830s when Kansas City was just a small port town along the river, back then it was simply known as Kansas since the state didn’t exist yet. Hans’s grew until 1850 When it was incorporated as the first legitimate town west of St. Louis.

Three years later, the Kansas territory was established. So original Kansas was renamed the city of Kansas and eventually Kansas City to prevent confusion. Of course, things only got more confusing later on Kansas officially became a stain. The bright side is that being flooded with water bills isn’t exactly flushing your money down the toilet since the money is going towards a $5 billion agreement with the federal government to fix the city’s old sewage system that should have honestly been replaced decades ago.

Well, I guess that is kind of flushing it down the toilet in a way and while the average water bill in the US is only around $70 per month, but $115 per month hours the other way, if you hate long drives, you might as well be living on an island because the only real outdoor activity nearby is fishing. And there aren’t many cities near Kansas City either. Sure, Omaha and Wichita are each only a three-hour drive away, but they’re both considerably smaller than Kansas City. St. Louis is about 250 miles or a four-hour drive away and all the other majors.

Eating further flights the worst part though is that you don’t even have 1952 square miles it can take you an hour to drive from midtown are walkable, but you should have a car if you decide to move here. Number six hidden taxes. I guess someone asked to pay for all those roads you’re going to be using every day. Maybe that’s like sales tax on practically everything. So if you shop on the Missouri side, your sales tax is going to be 8.6%. And on the Kansas side, it’s 9.1 to 5%. Missouri did try to cap the city sales tax limit out an eventual 14% But it failed. So that means nothing is stopping the sales tax.

He thought it was more responsible because you couldn’t drink there until you’re 21. Currently, however, the Kansas side thinks it’s more responsible because it has the better schools but the Missouri side thinks it’s cooler since all the fun stuff and sports teams are over there and don’t even get me started on the barbecue serves as an unofficial but wild population is currently black, the suburbs remain around 92% White just look at this map of how segregated the neighbourhoods here are.

the weather. Kansas City’s location is often referred to as the armpit of the Missouri River since it’s really hot, humid and muggy here in the summer. In contrast, the winters are cold, dry and windy and the city just feels dead. There’s not much going on here that time of year other than football and spring and fall are so short that they aren’t even really worth mentioning.

But the hail in Kansas City is one of the highest hail risks in the country and they get tornadoes here too. Now in recent years, the tornadoes haven’t been as frequent as they used to be the type of place if you are lucky enough to meet someone during a night out at say Westport off but then roll that trouble when you could just watch Netflix at home with your dog instead. Now before we get to.

I’m trying to do two to three new videos every week. Comment down below any city-states or video ideas you want me to do. And without further ado, the confessional average is three times more than the national average. Now while there are some shortcomings to Kansas City, it’s a great place to live. I honestly don’t know .

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