Tokyo japan , How they manage 38 million peop

Tokyo City , How they manage 38 million people

Tokyo City , How they manage 38 million people

Everybody to me everything’s related. You guys asked for it. So here it is, and when how’s it going today you went awesome capital of Japan and one of the most well truly incredible how they’ve managed to actually get the trigger one patient factor that attracted businesses and then locally the period of the late 1800s that the city of Tokyo the most growth, population increase at the time the city merged
the Tokyo Metro area is merging. Eric wants to make a difference that I should also mention that took years to rebuild its history, the most recent being I have basically destroyed one of the areas of trade. So, the local government then use this opportunity to reach

thing it was a model and over since the rest of the Tokyo those photos dark in terms of world war two destroyed my city actually rebuilt itself and will showcase to the world like to gradually expand to other areas. There are groups free free free throws was definitely started in the early 90s. But by that point, it was hard to implement and since the city was built

even possible reason for the combination of composite roadways, there were small settlements , So, original settlements, different groups have been non preferred way to do this
extended reading interview on the roadways, and even today, in a very free when I say constraints, we usually mean conditionals in basically an open ideal threatened areas.

 Thanks for what the city would be. Japan has an excellent level of national Express, which crisscross the country since the expressways were largely built on. Most of them are now

apart from Japan has an interest city that can be found and become Just got back from space cities this expressways Please come with me free so the truly cutting thing that would be the choice to open the expressway was to connect and connect to the collection of 15 minutes it’s actually a very interesting part of it,

of course, was the other part which basically allows ships to easily pass to get to the right. The overall length of 23.7 kilometres 96 of that’s actually the face , of the tunnel open one has to drive all the way around 140 shows up.

Once all expressed during the planning was through the highway the reduction has not actually been social purple within gratitude is dominated by the environment.

It has about 148 different corporate sales and corporate stations. So we recommend walking cycling, operating expenses and upgrades do continue for each train Bye bye.

Really enough each of the region’s rail companies 10 is key transport costs ignoring the rest of the metro network. public buses in greater Tokyo usually serve as a vetting process messages to translation into major

 areas should also be mentioned trade shows

 previously we hold you to the capacity to have the patient treatment because 10 000800188 , space free space. It’s roughly the size of Tokyo there really isn’t much room space for when you have such a mega city it is to be expected. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still so many times.

As we all know too well. A challenge facing Tokyo today is very high population of the city and its metropolitan area. So here remains the most populous city in the world. This is a challenge because of the list of bands that can be used in areas. The result of this type of relation is roadways.

This relates to public public spaces being experienced daily crowded as people walk to the heritage. high population also especially in real estate, is one of the most expensive pieces of property to make. This was a population of three major major government speaking issue that the city is facing the temperatures within the city connection such as what the Turkish Government is tackling this issue. This actually take it one step further to actually be on the road.

it seeps through the boxes to the ground. So far this is more of a trial However, there are plans for further extensions around the city. Okay, so let’s talk about future plans. And there are a lot of things going on. Tokyo, he said to hold the summit Olympics in 2020, making it the early Asian city to hold a plan.

And to get prepared for this, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government formulated its long term vision December 2014, with the aim of being the world’s best city. Those are their words. There are many of these goals are currently underway but here’s what they actually all include.

The first major future plan is the three ring Expressway. Parts of is already in service, but the ring is nowhere near complete yet.

Judging by the little method, right, I think the ring style expressway network is a really great option that you can already see around the world in many cities. The ring expressways have a lot of emphasis on connecting with someone living science, but this design will also help the city in the future to better congestion. Other future plans include expansion of the port of Tokyo and around the airports, and also designing for safer and more pleasant public spaces.

They also would like to implement more pipelines throughout the city and encourage the use of bike systems. The government also plans on introducing the water transport options, like major summer living sites with other significant areas along the bay and rivers.

The next future plan I want to talk about is in regards to transport transfers. So earlier in the video, I mentioned how many train lines don’t actually connect well with others. The Tokyo government is now implementing designs that basically bring the transferred options together. So for example,

large bus terminals will replace previously scattered bus stations. There’ll be more signage and opening up areas to make it more appealing in general. And although public transport is already a major part of the city, these upgrades will make for seamless transfers between trains, buses, and making it accessible for the Tokyo region is really overcrowded.

There’s a new area that’s kind of becoming more popular COVID tunnel region. major developments are being undertaken in order to enhance the livability of several million people 

such as extensions of the expressway in the area is seeing a rapid population growth. So the government is promoting things like disaster preparedness, job creation, and educating the locals on the importance of the natural language.

So the last one I want to mention is something very unique in one area and the different business sectors around by promoting several different business districts to reduce the amount of travel for people who work in districts, but also reduce the amount of stress on a singular down area.

How they divided the districts of the districts that give them the first time and then with me sometimes, so for example, puts in munchie yasu, and the Haneda Airport designated for finance business. UB is designated for arts and culture Shinagawa as an International Centre, receiver, the industrial centre, Roppongi and retired us detention centres, and totally normal at any time.

So I’m sure in the future, they will do more of these that are less incentive, but more rather, out of areas make it more accessible for people for cell phones whilst reducing commute time. So all this being said, What else can I even say?

 I mean, the Turkish Government seems to know what they’re doing getting prepared for the summit. well beyond that, until the Japanese will continue to come up with other methods to combat that overpopulation. It continued to be a world leader.

Now as for what I can recommend, well, the whole train disconnect ability is an issue I keep thinking about. But like I said, the Tokyo government is trying to adjust that. Just before I go, I’d like to say that there’s so many different things that I talked about in the Tokyo Metro area, to really focus on future plans and other major things going on in the city.

Now if there’s something else that you think is really important that people should know, please let us know in the comments below, because I’d love to see everything else going on in the city and I’m sure everyone else will talk To read these as well. So thank you all for watching and don’t forget to leave the city .

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