The 10 Worst Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

The 10 Worst Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

The 10 Worst Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

About the worst.

Now if you’re gonna talk about the worst neighbourhoods in Philadelphia, the list is really a much shorter list in Philadelphia. We’re not gonna take that nobody wants to know that and you wouldn’t watch it tonight. No, you will. Today we’re gonna talk about the bad places we’re going to talk about generally going to be flying around. centre city and generally some of these areas you can score some metrics within a short block,

much of this area Badlands with an area in landscape characterised by vacant warehouses, and tightly packed strips of rowhomes working class neighbourhoods where crime and trucks are simply out of control, of course, much of llps economic decline following a loss of manufacturing, as it stands today

500,000 people in the country so let’s begin. He began in a neighbourhood smack dab in the middle of all the bad neighbourhoods in Philly, Frankfort this part of town is northeast of centre city, about halfway to the airport from down in the late 80s. There was a murder called the brain. And one particular intersection and bridge in Hawthorne was listed as the number six top recreational drug quarters in the nation. It’s a pretty diverse neighbourhood of more than right groups. But like many places in America, there’s a history of racial tension .

We want to live here and I wouldn’t just drops away from Frankfort along Kensington Avenue is the terrible neighbourhood of West.

It’s just east of Temple University and there’s many parts in this neighbourhood that are currently occupied, but it’s still a really this is also the first neighbourhood that we’ll talk about, which is part of Philadelphia. This is a region of North Philly that is really dangerous and blighted. That is, people are broke. The households here are in less than 20k a year, which is well below the poverty line. Good news this homes are only 68,000. Portable. They just had to go back there’s a lot of shootings in this teeny neighbourhood.

At least there’s two hospitals only a few streets away. So many of the gunshots are next worst neighbourhood in Philly is strawberry mansion. It’s not North Philly neighbourhood has a remediation of one of the most dangerous cities in the city.

Again up until 2013 strawberry mansion was also one of the most dangerous schools in the United States had a strawberry mansion high, which was so bad that it was profiled by ABC News school had almost 100 security cameras and had metal detectors at every door. Teachers were attacked and right out at lunch here. Things are so bad now that there’s only 170 kids who attend the school.

But it’s supposed to have 2100 kids look at the school’s enrollment as compared to the rest of the schools in the surrounding area. rentable neighbourhood might be improving of it as its west and south sides have been getting gentrified as it stands here now past an absurdly low $48,000 in the middle of a major metro area. That’s a far cry from what was going home to some of the wealthiest residents in Philadelphia.

I mean, can you imagine 48,000 per home for comparison in our most expensive city to buy a home in the USA, San Francisco there’s only two homes listed that are under $250,000 for this five times higher than the average home price in strawberry mansion. Back to that lands we go as we come to Steve in the meeting in the area right next door to strawberry mansion in on the west side of Temple University.

Seems like attending Temple University is a dangerous proposition. Now according to Zillow is home value index. Okay, well I’ve not seen this before it’s blank. That can’t be good. Okay, so Trulia says homes are about $41,000. Far below what we even saw next door and strawberry mansion.

income is 15 grand annually. Let’s put that means half the population lives below the poverty line. Now some of that’s because some of the people here at Temple University, they likely don’t have jobs. rundown homes and homeless stragglers drugging shootings, all plagues as part of Philadelphia neighbourhood ranked 16th on all this last year that just North of Kensington west of more Richmond is the neighbourhood of Harrogate.

Some just generally refer this little part of town is north Philly. That’s kind of an unknown with Lauren, very blighted part of town, largely populated by Puerto Ricans. It’s easy to miss, but recognise when you wind up in it.

Not too long ago, there was 30 shots out of this part of town. She was hit nearly killed, although not uncommon. painkillers such as opioids, taking their toll on members of this ravaged neighbourhood. pharmacies in this part of town were given 26 million over a seven year period. There’s only 65,000 people who live in this greater part of town, Philadelphia as a whole. Although the pain pill market has somewhat been reined .

at one point, in the greater eight county Philadelphia metro area, more than 1 million worship shipped in over That’s incredible. We have here on the north end of town is the neighbourhood of Allegheny where this is a poor black enclave that has suffered post industrial decline and disinvestment in Allegheny West has suffered from one of the largest population losses of any neighbourhood

about vacant industrial sites are so eye opening that they use the area for movie sets and talk about fordable this neighbourhood has the lowest price in the entire city. $26,000 That’s incredible. that into perspective, somebody would expect to pay about $100 a month for their mortgage here.

taxes and insurance. And no, I’m not a real crime, employment schools.

What sort of do for amenities that would attend the trolley car cafe and cooking? Must be some good cooking outside catchy cat. I like to cook in general.

What’s good nappy Does your wife make some mean dumplings? That really she gets upset when the food doesn’t turn out?

Well, that’s not surprising. Oh, hey, now that I have to hear.

We had an alert viewer named loco. Boom buy sorry, look. Oh, am I saying that right? neighbourhood Philadelphia hunting Park. This is not so charming section. A town is also in North Philly, just south of Roosevelt Boulevard.

There’s a lot of gang activity here boy. Although much of this area’s crime stems from local neighbourhood based street gangs and the drug trade. Larger more organised gangs also operate in the area including the black mafia .

 Latin Kings and various motorcycle gangs. One commenter in North Philly once told them Philadelphia weekly generations hunting Park served as the heart of the community.

Then about 25 years ago and became it’s just three days ago, a young father was gunned down. Apparently he had just won 10 grand in a local casino and people followed him home. Let’s call somebody running Park and ask him why it’s so simple.

My name is Nick and I’m doing a YouTube video on the worst neighbourhoods in Philadelphia and hunting Park is one of the worst neighbourhoods and I’m wondering why it’s so bad there.

is hunting park a bad play? Is it really, really bad and dangerous? Okay, well how come it is like, famous for being so bad that man that’s too bad. Are they trying to fix it? The Jews. I’m praying for you guys. I hope you guys all right. Good.

Third on our list of the worst Philadelphia neighbourhoods is the neighbourhood of nicetown Tioga it’s not very nice here though. You know things are bad when you Google the name of the neighbourhood and the first results are shooting and drive crime rate.

This is a rough part of town itself and honey park in near the upper North Philadelphia section of town. It should have been a roller coaster here during World War Two This place is jam and then like other communities in the area, deindustrialization men white flight .

and soon joblessness and poverty crept in. Then there was a little blip of hope when gentrification we sit home price Roughly $42,000 in the economy crashes in the home prices dropped to $22,000. This part of town used to have praise but not

This part of town used to have praise but not documentary drugs. He did a whole episode on once. We mentioned the opioid crisis earlier. No other part of Philadelphia that hit harder than Kensington, which has seen more than 200 odd deaths. 450 pain pills per person were brought into this community during the height of the prices.

It doesn’t get much worse than in Kensington. And those are the worst neighbourhoods in Philadelphia. You might be wondering where the best neighbourhoods in Philly are. Places like Washington Square, West Chestnut Hill and East balls are. So there you go. If you’re thinking of moving to Philadelphia

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