Ireland largest and most beautiful cities

Ireland largest and most beautiful cities

Ireland largest and most beautiful cities


  1. Dublin City
  2. Cork City
  3. Limerick City
  4. Galway City
  5. Other great Irish cities
Ireland largest and most beautiful cities
Ireland largest and most beautiful cities

Dublin City :

Dublin is the largest city in Ireland, with a population of about 1,024,027 people, according to the latest statistics in 2019. It is also the only city in the country with a population of more than one million.

The city is located along the Liffey River, and it is reported that it became the capital after the division of Ireland in 1922 AD. Dublin also enjoys a maritime climate, which is cool in summer and mild in winter, and is classified among the most beautiful cities of the European continent.

Cork City :

Cork is Ireland’s second most populous city, with a population of about 190,384, and is one of the world’s largest natural harbors.

This city is located in the province of Munster, where it was founded in the sixth century AD, and covers an area of ​​about 37 square kilometers.

Limerick :

Limerick is one of Ireland’s largest cities, as it is the third most densely populated city, with a population of about 162,413 people.

It is noteworthy that it was founded in 812 AD, and this city is located in Limerick County, Munster County, and has a moderate climate.

Galway City :

Galway is one of the largest Irish cities, with a population of about 79,504, located in the western part of Ireland.

It is located in the county of Galway in the province of Connacht, and this city rises 24.9 meters above sea level, has a land area of ​​about 51.7 square kilometers, and is characterized by its mild and humid climate throughout the year.

Ireland's largest city
Ireland’s largest city
Other large Irish cities :

The Republic of Ireland includes many large cities, including the following:

The city of Tallaght :

It was considered one of the small cities, but it has become one of the most densely populated cities, with a population of 64,282 people.

Waterford City :

This city is famous for its amazing beauty at the global level, and its population is about 47,904.

Swords City :

Its population is 36,924, and it is expected to witness a significant growth in population in the coming years.

The city of Drogheda :

It is distinguished by its traditional industries, and its population reaches 33,441 people.

Dundalk City :

With a population of about 33,428, it is famous for its historical monuments and musical community.

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