How do I make my son focus

How do I make my son focus

How do I make my son focus
How do I make my son focus

Make time to focus

Allocate some time for the child to practice focusing on a specific task; Where it can be given a novel or a challenging task along with fun activities that enhance focus, young children between four to five years can focus for five to twenty minutes

Doing one thing during a specified time

Multitasking can reduce focus and performance, so children should be urged to do one thing during a specific time, for example young children can be made to chant the alphabet song while looking at the letters, while slightly older children can be trained to treat one of the problems they face while solving division long.

Doing physical activities

Moving the body would stimulate the brain to carry out its functions properly, so children should be urged to go to school by walking or by bicycle, as well as playing outside school, helping with housework, and playing in a sports team, and it must be ensured that he walked or jumped before Sitting to do homework.

Use of signs How do I make my son focus

Talking to children while they are doing a task would distract them, and the right thing to do is to deal with them through a few basic signs; For example, raising the hand means stopping what he is doing, and it is worth noting that just placing the hand on their shoulder will restore focus to them.

How do I make my son focus
How do I make my son focus

Children’s question

When children do not show focus, they can be asked about the reason for their straying to assess the problem. Perhaps he was feeling tired or bored and needed to take a break for a few minutes to refocus, or perhaps the reason for not focusing is his lack of interest in the topic being talked about, and parents should redirect their children to the right path. And try to rearrange the information to be conveyed to the son

Place of study

The study place should be comfortable, quiet, and free from clutter and distractions; So that it contains a comfortable seat, and away from TVs, computers and phones, with the need to provide the study desk with the necessary tools, such as: papers, calculators, and pencils.

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