How do you choose the right communication platform to start a business?

communication platform to start a business
communication platform to start a business

How do you choose the right communication platform to start a business?

Gen Z” arose in conjunction with the spread of social media, and was able from a young age to create a wide network of friends and followers, and it became easy for university students and young entrepreneurs to market their projects very quickly thanks to the ready customer base and the marketing platform available in their hands.

In a report published by the American channel CNBC, writer Liana Wells says that social media platforms realize this potential and publish marketing and business development tools.

For example, Pinterest and Facebook were among the first platforms to launch shopping features, followed by Instagram a few years later, which gave startups the opportunity to reach millions of users around the world, and made some of them turn into giants.

Billions of users on Facebook per month, one billion users on Tik Tok and Instagram, and “Pinterest” has 444 million users, and this huge number of users gives any new project great opportunities for success.

Extensive market and new tools , communication platform

Last August, the Tik Tok platform announced a partnership with the Shopify store with the aim of enabling Shopify users who have a business account on Tik Tok to add the shopping tab to their personal accounts.  The star Kylie Jenner was one of the first users to try the new feature on Tik Tok, and she used it to market “Kylie Cosmetics” beauty products to her 37 million followers on the platform.

If he has a sizable following on social media platforms, the author claims that any ambitious university student can benefit from these marketing advantages to restore his own reputation without having to shell out a lot of money for advertising.

With 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook, 1 billion active users each on Tik Tok and Instagram, and 444 million active users on “Pinterest,” any new idea has a very good chance of succeeding.

More than 200 million businesses currently utilize Instagram, and according to a report, 40% of users make purchases each week using tools like shopping tabs and tabs.

communication platform to start a business
communication platform to start a business

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Kerissa Mason, a Baruch College student in New York City, started a project to sell artwork on Instagram during the Corona pandemic. She posts brief videos to the platform to showcase her work and gets numerous requests.

“Instagram has enabled me to share my artwork with friends and the general public using algorithms in order to reach as many followers as possible,” Mason says.

Mason claims that Instagram has made it possible for her to use algorithms to reach as many followers as possible while sharing her artwork with friends and the wider public.

More than 200 million businesses have accounts on Instagram, and 40% of users claim to regularly utilize tools like shopping tabs and tabs to make purchases.

A recent graduate of Sunny Plattsburgh College in New York named Alexis Laritegui debuted her skincare line on Instagram. Lartegui started working on creating organic items after seeing how detrimental some chemicals may be to her skin. I observed in the college how challenging it is for students to buy these products, so Laritege tried to offer high-quality goods at competitive pricing.

The author also mentions how followers and other businesses can find these inventors and their products thanks to social media networks. In order to better attract followers and improve brand partnership, Instagram has unveiled new tools to assist content producers and brands.

A survey found that 87% of respondents said they made the decision to follow a brand or make an online purchase after finding information about the product on Instagram. Other new features include selecting the best creators to participate in brand campaigns using unique filters and collaborating with other brands to help small business owners reach more followers and introduce their brands and products.

Mason considers her project a good side business and makes about $45 per project. She is thinking about continuing it after she graduates. Although Laritege expects her $300 per month business to continue to require extra work, she still wants to see it grow and cooperate with other businesses.

Are you considering launching your own company?

We live in a generation that can access anything with ease, says Chantal Richardson, the owner of a consulting company that makes use of a variety of social media platforms. “We have to take initiative and learn,” she continues.

According to Mukund Iyengar, a professor at Stevens Institute of Technology who oversees a number of training programs to assist students in launching their own businesses, “university is the perfect place to think creatively and come up with new and exotic ideas, and the time to be ambitious because you have nothing to lose.”

Recommended value

Melinda Emerson, a marketing consultant and specialist in small business entrepreneurship, emphasizes that having a value proposition is the most crucial step in beginning a firm. “Your company must possess a competitive advantage that is difficult for rivals to copy. To create a memorable customer experience and make your consumers feel special, try to come up with something original.

good internet search To get the best communication platform

According to Laritege, it’s crucial to search YouTube for videos to expand your knowledge and skills in the industry you’ve decided to work in, see what others are doing, learn about the items that are accessible, marketing strategies, and the best platforms to employ.

Attending an Entrepreneurship Class According to Mason, taking an entrepreneurship class would give the student the skills needed to manage a business. If you want to be as successful as possible with your business idea, she advises adding an intellectual component to it.

Product development using feedback

Emerson observes that there are motivating factors that influence people’s decisions to purchase a particular product, and she explains that these should be taken into consideration when reading opinions and comments on social media sites. “When you present your product for the first time, people may not like it, so it must be changed and presented again,” she says. Social networking is a convenient approach to easily monitor customer reviews.

first pick one platform.

According to Mike Alton, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Agorapulse, a company that specializes in social media account management solutions, it is preferable for businesses to pick one marketing platform at first and concentrate on it until the desired reach is attained. various platforms

seeking a compass & communication platform

Alton believes it is important to talk to an expert before launching the project. Experts “don’t know everything,” he asserts, so you must pick the ideal individual who will share their time and expertise with you and make the most of it.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp offer benefits with a paid subscription

Facebook Instagram whatsapp
Facebook Instagram whatsapp

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