UK truck crisis Delivery shortages put Christmas at risk

UK truck crisis Delivery shortages put Christmas at risk 

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UK truck crisis Delivery shortages put Christmas at risk

as spoken Boris Johnson


In the UK many petrol stations have run dry and now tanker drivers from the army have been drafted into deliver fuel in deepening supply prices

the wider supply chain crisis gripping the UK. The government says it will offer 1000s of temporary visas so that foreign drivers can fill the gap. But business owners say that’s like throwing a drop of water on a bonfire.

Why on earth would a foreign worker come to the UK to work until Christmas and then go back home to another job they want stability anybody wants to bility , drivers unions also say conditions on the job are so poor, it makes keeping stuff difficult. He goes his business is now concerned that logistics for the Christmas season will suffer.

poultry farmers are also experiencing labour shortages, saying people’s Christmas turkeys are under threat. We sell Christmas. We told them if you don’t give us anything which was the solution we’re trying to promote an expensive car saying it was crazy.

When people change 62 when people but you can change again in 2017 because they did. They voted for the UK relying on low wages and low skills , but it’s doing literally to suit the needs of shortages have led to panic buying and petrol stations. Many retailers say to kill them as a critical from Monday the army has to take over part of the supply chain to secure supplies.

But let’s cross over to London. Chelsea, standing by for us Charlotte you are at the gas station out in the streets of London. How bad is this gas station just behind me is one of those Running on Empty at the moment is rush hour this morning here in London run work one run Monday morning drivers coming through this point against a finding there is no petrol in the tank behind the station is one of the many in London in the southeast of England that is running on dry at the petrol retail association which represents independence retailers roughly one to 2% of all in this area. Seemingly without petrol now .

governments have stress and indeed petrol retail associations stress that this crisis is easy to us so forth to the petrol retail Association pointing out that it is a very different picture when you get further north in England and in Scotland as well. They see the crisis virtually in the people who are running this petrol station say the panic buying cup stops the attacker comes in with petrol.

It goes within hours they say they are they’re selling at a far faster rate. And they do get those surprise usually. So now they the Army’s being drafted into to help out.

Will that solve?

That’s right today to country’s military personnel and being supporting the price 100 of those will be driving the tanks to try and get fuel into stations like the one just behind me. Now the petrol retail associations welcomed this move. They pointed out that it’s not going to alleviate it

up with the Google News on the streets quite remarkable, I think particularly in London in the southeast, 

where they’ll report with Boris Johnson say that Brexit wasn’t really to blame. The British voted out an economic model that wasn’t wasn’t good anymore. I mean but

they didn’t vote for this. Did they?

As you might expect, the governance here has been pushing back on claims that Brexit is responsible. And indeed I think you do have to say that it is a wider picture .

United Kingdom truck crisis Delivery shortages put Christmas at risk 

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