Stabbing of UK lawmaker Amess declared a terrorist attack

Stabbing of UK lawmaker Amess declared a terrorist attack

Stabbing of UK lawmaker Amess declared a terrorist attack
The United Kingdom where the police say the death of David Amos was a terror incident. The Conservative lawmaker was stabbed multiple times as he met with constituents. A 25 year old man is in custody. Police now say the investigation has revealed the crime may have been motivated by Islamist extremism. The Killing has rocked the constituent constituency that David Amos served for decades.


A church that became a crime scene here David Amos was listening to his constituents problems, listening to the people the most basic ritual of British democracy. hours later, police officers in protective suits sweep into the church. their investigation you would have seen this coming the violent killing of a parliamentarian in a suburban church. It happened in this leafy neighbourhood or once quiet corner of England.


dw correspondent Sharda Charlson Pil is standing by for us in Lee unseaworthy attack occurred. Hi, Charlotte Good to see you. This is been truly shocking how are locals coping with it?

He say pipercross representing both sides of the political aisle to pay their respects to the man who lost his life here yesterday they lay flowers they were joined as well by the interior minister, the Home Secretary as she’s called here, Priti Patel who of course is watching the investigation.


 all the trip lovers, you said that describes him as one of the kindest, nicest and most gentle people in politics. He was a father of five married and of course everyone here in this local community will be thinking of the loss and thinking of his wife and his children as well. He was also one of the longest serving politicians in Parliament. So huge loss not just here, but to the political establishment as well. What kind of security measures are in place when members of the public meet with their members of parliament? Not very many is the honest answer to that now .


these weekly meetings that take place on a Friday between politicians and members, the public is one of the the key tenants of democracy here in the UK, this direct channel between politicians and members of the public, allowing people to hold them to account. Now, those usually happen without any security presence to speak of that is unlike obviously, Westminster the houses upon which is very carefully guarded. Now, there is going to be your view into that now going forward, particularly in light of the fact that this is the second politician serving politician in five years, who has lost their life meeting members of the public. The last being Joe Cox, as I’m sure you can remember, died in 2016 in the run up to the Brexit referendum, so horror now that this has happened once again here in the UK 


UK Boris Johnson pays tribute to murdered MP David Amess 


Boris Johnson 

David Amess



British MP for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party was stabbed to death on Friday. Sir David Amos was attacked at a Methodist Church in Leon seats by men walked into a meeting with voters from his electoral district armas police in on the church and said, A man has been arrested, and I was recovered, authorities said that they were not looking for anyone else to the incident. Police said Amos was treated by emergency services, sadly died at the scene could have shot Sanders today.


He was in surgery in a church service to listen to. During his sadness. He claimed his racist agenda, and policies, but he also had that written policy chances of passing it to other groups in the country. Public watch. I think she’s gonna add the heartstrings. As I say it was really ready to go. I think it’s time.


U.K. police call the murder of lawmaker David Amess a terrorist attack 


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