Mistakes to avoid when choosing travel clothes

travel clothes
travel clothes

Mistakes to avoid when choosing travel clothes

The traveler chooses a lot of different types and forms of clothing, which may not be suitable for travel or the chosen tourist destination, so a number of these errors can be monitored to avoid when choosing clothes on future trips, quoting Madam Net.

travel clothes : 1 heavy jewelry

It is not preferable to wear heavy and precious jewelry at all during travel, as it is necessary to leave it at home or replace it with other, lighter alternatives that are suitable for the trip, in addition to refraining from taking these types of jewelry during travel and placing it in the travel bag in order to prevent exposure to theft.

travel clothes : 2 Unsuitable patterned clothing

It is best to be wary of choosing more practical plaid items, which may not match other comfortable travel clothes, so it is important to choose muted colors rather than items with bright patterns that go with just a few things.

travel clothes : 3 oversized jackets

it is not preferable to have large-sized woolen jackets during the trip, because it takes up a lot of space inside the travel bag, so it is necessary to choose light wool or even jackets that are a mixture of light and heavy so as not to take up much space inside the travel bag.

travel clothes : 4 the wrong shoes

It is recommended to choose the appropriate shoes for travel and for the tourist destination that you can go to, so it is also necessary to choose comfortable shoes that are very suitable for walking long distances without feeling tired or exhausted, and there is no objection to getting high-heeled shoes to need them on different evenings during Travel.

travel clothes : 5 backpacks

There is no reason for anyone traveling to carry a bulky backpack while traveling, as travel backpacks in particular are bulky and become a source of inconvenience for the traveler and everyone around them, especially if the traveler is on public transportation or heading to a crowded tourist attraction.

travel clothes : 6 Uncoordinated color

It is advised that the traveler should plan to choose harmonious and organized colors when packing the travel bag, so it is necessary not to get many inconsistent pieces of clothing in the travel bag because they are not important in addition to that they are the cause of crowding the travel bag.

Packing things that have never been worn before
It is not preferable for the traveler to wear pieces of clothing that he has not worn before, which may be inappropriate or suitable for the travel experience, so it is necessary to choose the tried-and-true clothes that have been worn more than once to ensure that they appear on the traveler and that they are suitable for him and for travel.

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