Minnesota star Mohamed Ibrahim From Monster Game to DEVASTATING Injury in the opening match

Minnesota star Mohamed Ibrahim From Monster Game to DEVASTATING Injury in the opening match

Minnesota star Mohamed Ibrahim From Monster Game to DEVASTATING Injury in the opening match

Very unfortunate injury for the Golden Gophers Muhammad Abraham. Stay tuned. Thank you for tuning in watching the Ohio State Minnesota game. And then the kid who’s having a monster game,

averaging 5.4 yards per carry 30 rushes 162 yards and two touchdowns breaks off to the right, and gets tripped up a little bit, and then just goes down, and he tries to get up and run off the field. And just can’t, we can’t do it. So they show the replay.

And you can see, the tension. As the recoil of the Achilles hairs, it goes like a elastic band that’s under tension and you cut it, to see it. So, I’m Dr. Justin Morris, a sports medicine physician in Miami.

A lot of players we actually see in our regular practices. Traditionally we do NFL guys, and a lot of other professional sports but unfortunately we’re gonna make an exception here because this is a bad injury and I wanted to cover it and give you guys insight.

Essentially, what happened was, you can see the Achilles Achilles catches right here this is the fact that behind it. The Achilles tapers into the heel, and comes up.

Thick, thick, and then tapers out and attaches basically turns into the calf. And essentially, the issue with the Achilles is that every, every time we pick up our foot the Achilles has to fire and pull, which then picks up our foot, so we use it every single day, all day.

The issue with the Achilles is it has an area of poor blood flow, about two thumbs up. So right about here. And we essentially have a good blood supply from here to here, and then from here down. 

So there’s about a you know a thumb thumb with in between that doesn’t get good blood supply. So if we have kind of wear and tear, almost like a rope fraying. In the bottom part, That usually heals because there’s blood flow, bringing in nutrients to fix it. 

Same thing up the top, if, if you’re coming down here, and in there’s a tear somewhere up here, the body can deliver nutrients and it will fix it.

But unfortunately, that watershed area doesn’t get good nutrients, and as a result. That’s the weakest link. And that’s almost always where it tears, you can have some partial tearing down here, but more often than not, it’s right in the watershed area.

This is becoming an unfortunately more common injury. I have a couple theories one is which is we’re getting bigger, faster, stronger, but unfortunately the tendons do not grow in size muscles do.

So you’re asking a same size tendon to lift a larger amount of muscle, and as a result, it just can’t handle it. What is the most likely outcome, a torn Achilles, unfortunately, could this be a calf strain, it’s possible but, I mean when you see this that’s, that’s textbook like that’s just unfortunately what we see

surgery for this procedure for this injury has come a long way in the past 1015 years. The most common procedure for this, for any high level athlete is what we call a pars procedure where you go.

In a small incision and then kind of tape paper up right here and it’s a very small incision, so the heel better and in general, a lot of athletes have been making it back onto the field.

The data shows the two hardest players in the two hardest position to come back from our running back and linebacker You can do it, but it’s the nature of the explosiveness of the position. Some of these guys struggle to gain that back.

I’m not saying he’s never going to return I’m just saying the arts in the data isn’t pretty, but the rehabs getting better and we’ve seen guys do better. So hopefully, he can be one of the few that turns the corner and sets the new standard for Achilles repairs and running backs and he can repair this if this is indeed the case, 

and hopefully make it to the NFL to return on eligibility. Status Unfortunate injury It could be a bunch of other things, but realistically This is unlikely, unfortunately likely what this is going to be.

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