Lava spews from volcano on Spain’s La Palma island

Lava spews from volcano on Spain’s La Palma island

Lava spews from volcano on Spain's La Palma island.

Massive rivers of lava and tearing through the Spanish island, while the survivors were unleashed by a volcanic eruption this weekend. No one has been

covering anything in its path with molten rock. He looks erupted dream has been eating up fields and houses around 100 homes have been destroyed. More than 5000 people were evacuated in time, 

We still can’t believe that the House has gone. I manage my neighbourhood my people. It has been one of our many friends who lost everything. Just like the lava continues to inch forward leaning firefighters powerless. It’s impossible to defend any house because of the power of the lava. All they could do was to make sure farm animals were moved out of harm’s way.

Minister Pedro Sanchez, delayed his trip to the UN General Assembly to visit La Palma praised the response of emergency services, and promised government support. We will have very long things ahead of us. But what I want to convey the game to the citizens of the island, is that we are all united all of Spain is with a mama.

This solidarity is not just for today, not just while we were interesting doesn’t have to nature, but also when this is over. While the volcano is still spinning, red hot manner, be immediate danger is over, but nobody knows how long will remain active for. Experts say the lava flow could continue for weeks, perhaps even months. 

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