JUST IN: DC Police Say ‘There Have Been Some Threats Of Violence

JUST IN: DC Police Say ‘There Have Been Some Threats Of Violence

JUST IN: DC Police Say 'There Have Been Some Threats Of Violence

Your assistant chief executive officer operations. Operations. Gallagher. We are also accompanied by the district. This year, so you’re also going to hear from.

you. Yes, but all the questions. Well, as many of you know, you’re more than welcome to our preparations to protect the integrity of specific to that set us department working around the clock, several weeks at St. Pat’s work, one for the last few months, leadership, as Eric, working to ensure that we don’t have to repeat.

Surely We have trading. This way, our vision, our mission tomorrow. Our mission everything that is associated with my advice. Sure, Lindsay. No more should misshapen music videos, not tolerate. Tolerate, the American public. Congress have an expectation that we protect the Capitol,

meditation, I want to turn it over, cheap, talking about intelligence, why after January. This department made several challenging get critical changes on the way we go about one of those substantial changes that we’ve made, when we gather, analyse, and disseminate intelligence. In order to better understand threats,

and to mitigate. Historically this department has relied primarily on outside agents for intelligence information. We are predominantly consumers of intelligence, rather than people that is no longer that was prior. We have now grown and expanded our conversation.

To change the way that we process, and share intelligence with our partners. This change involves patience, as well as fully intelligence. We can feel, coupled with the other aces.

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