It’s excruciating to watch them’: Response to Barcelona’s draw versus Granada

It’s excruciating to watch them’: Response to Barcelona’s draw versus Granada

It's excruciating to watch them': Response to Barcelona's draw versus Granada

Rescue appoints at home but how about that Barcelona dominant in almost every statistical category except the one that matters and takes a 90 minute equaliser met them, dropping their first game of the season,

the expected gold star that upset me. When I saw that just before we came live here naught point six four for back remember Grenada the score, when it was an open goal by force. And that was, that’s only a half chance. I was actually a bit disappointed with Barcelona equalised, not because I’m a Real Madrid, athletic by find Grenada.

just because of well Granada battled played well in the first half, in particular, defended with a light particularly to set the hops of supervision, but really don’t get it and bear in mind that they made seven changes as well from from their last game. Last point, I mean I know there’s a lot of youngsters there, right, I can.

Boy, this is just not my patch patch or anything this club was put on the field. In the last decade or so but it’s painful to watch them just flow the way in that first 45 Watts across is in the balls of normal quality.

Then he has to bring on look the arm and take a midfielder off drugs Frank Dion a little bit deeper, drops Memphis to play a little bit to the left, and also fill up continue. I know he’s not played for a while first , start in 10 months for Barcelona,

well they might as well just stay there, just because that’s all.

After great Craig 77% possession you’re watching this game, it never felt like that, it never felt like Barcelona, even when they had the ball they knew exactly what they were going to do. It seemed an NFL like as a goal could only come from a set piece Yeah,

slugging definitely coming forward, and the fact that Barcelona finished that game, within two second forwards, being looked at Yonge and Gerrard P key tells you everything you need to know not just about this game, but about Barcelona, in general, it really, really was that bad.

And it’s not because going up for last. He came on as a forward. Yeah, really desperate insides of desperation here with us to break this down further, we got Casey Keller and Gemasolar Casey I’ll start with you, would you make the Barcelona performance today

is pretty pedestrian, I mean I think we expect to see Barcelona over the last 2030 years, be able to take teams apart, have pace have power, have just, world class players across the pitch. And it really was a case obviously look the game fell into Granada’s hand scoring that first goal packing it in defensively and doing a very good job as Craig and Shaka mentioned,


defending very well goalkeeper made some good saves everything else but you expect so much more from Barcelona and then chuck is point to young and PK have to come up and be your emergency strikers to scrap a draw at home against Grenada. Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s panic stations for Barcelona, the fact that they’re still unbeaten is remarkable. It’ll be interesting to see when they have to start playing some tougher opponents.

I got three games this week Gemma the reports on a spanner that Rama comb is managing for his job this week, what do you think the reaction will be after this performance,

definitely run on Kumar, who was before this game is definitely now working on it, not only because of the draw, but probably because of the picture we have some third game, because he was unable to find resources, of course he didn’t know score in the end they will go in the back, but he knew this, the pleasure .

he will be having, she has explained to the train after dividing the field and resorting criticism into the study and we listen to whistles against Ronald Koman against some decision, even he plays with the youngsters for choice, very much request from, from the president from the study of you wonder at some point, but it was quite shameful to see Barcelona place because they spent 20 minutes, sending crosses into the area.

And the central core word, it was something very strange the word, it’s a draw. And definitely, Your Honour. Because before finals. Ahead of him to Lallier games. Game and definitely that’s rarely the Metropolitan again.

Look at this 11 Jimmy report I mean those are kids continuing who hasn’t played in 10 months we talked about became the young I mean, how much of this can we put on cumin what the team is that week,

for those who are weaker Granada. This is an income nerds and he always talks with the manager here in terms of the performance is everyone knows no man apart but we still have these very talented young players and I think you think they do better with another manager.

I tell you what will be better. I think I have an identity. And that’s my complaint about when I make all of the changes, five material comes in, despite the names by the price tags

Again. Fine. We’ll kind of dive right in the second video. Other than that, from the right. Nothing through the middle , 

situation. And the fact that not only do you put these two big bodies. The only real plan to get the ball to them.

Last minute what kind of football. Barcelona played. No, all of a sudden, this is what we’ve been on and those pairs are gone. The identity remains on common just don’t have a plan to get any kind of an identity out of this, whatever you make of this quarter was turned off to without identity, and I think that is

a good sign, save speed. I mean a better site that you’re not and you’re looking at this possible to say. I think your thought processes. Let’s pay them for counter attacking game again, Because they haven’t got those layers to breathe.

Weekend really exposed, we supplement and hit them on the Copa America the Granada. I’m talking about the better teams in Spain, from the middle of the table. I think they can really have to play good like expose this muscle on the site. that is how weak they are looking. We know it’s a tough time for the club.

But we also know and I think most supporters know nothing club probably oversell the Ronald Koman has really not done much in his managerial career to be sitting in the hot seat in Barcelona, apart from the fact that he was a Barcelona legend as a player right now that’s only going to buy you so many biomes, but trust me, yes he’s easily be struggling to get into and spend this season, and defend

mentioned, borders, what do you think the reaction will be we heard a lot of whistling today has to do with our third game in a role where Barcelona in the Champions League at their own study of difference. That was very strange, so long ago. Now it’s a place of hello and the rest of La Liga.

It’s no longer respected and above the cogent, so I was expecting a little bit of more press conference, he only armed with a lot of interest players. Well, You know that, you know, having more players in one another, probably not.

you’re playing at your own stadium with your own supporters. I was expecting a little bit more for the coach. I also think it’s not only one or two months, because I think this team this kind of thing.

There is someone that was always going to soccer player was no messing is no longer there so I think it seems in this kind of position, they have played so many years with Messi, the evidence is no longer there, there’s a question, not the coach or the players. Oh, thank you very.

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