I’m profoundly baffled in my administration’ says US veteran as Afghanistan cutoff tim

I’m profoundly baffled in my administration’ says US veteran as Afghanistan cutoff time

I'm profoundly baffled in my administration' says US veteran as Afghanistan cutoff tim
The security situation at Kabul airport is against the worst. days before the US and its allies pull out on August 1 10s of 1000s of people have been gathering desperately hoping to leave Afghanistan. Washington is now telling us citizens gathered at the airport entrances to leave immediately. Governments are increasingly worried about a terror attack the airport, Poland and Belgium have already announced they’re ending their evacuation flights.

With time running out to evacuate people bees are among the final flights out of the Afghan capital, those who are able to leave no, they may never see their homeland again.

I can’t explain that it’s so true, my tears will be able to explain.

It was always so hard. And it is so so hard heartbreak and yet a luxury for those able to flee. We may not be an option this time next week, the American safety will leave Afghanistan at the end of the month, European allies will follow suit, but us cargo jets may soon not be carrying Afghans.

So those last couple of days, we will begin to prioritise military capabilities and military resources to move out that doesn’t mean that that if if you’re evacuee and and and you need to get out that we’re just we’re not going to try to get you out.

Not all who want to leave we’ll be able to Denali bond save foreigners can go but citizens cannot. Standing knee deep and sewage water they plead with soldiers guarding the airport. Knowing Time is running out.

The horrific scenes of the human squalor conditions outside of the gates You know, there’s no working toilets. People have been in line for days. The temperatures are hot, humid or depressive. There’s no food. There’s no water. The Taliban goes

The crowd had been People indiscriminately and often fire into the air on the ground to try to move the crowd along. What you’re now going to see, however, is the lack of American and Allied soldiers on the other sides of those walls. They’re going to begin being replaced by Taliban soldiers manning the gate at the airport.

And so while Afghans have it this whole time had its allies struggled to the bank where people from Afghanistan, Germany, France and the UK are all pushing the US for an extension to its August 31.

Departure deadline, with the Taliban say they have just seven days to leave Kabul airport, where 1000s of Afghans are still waiting to escape. These sisters are preparing to leave Kabul airport on a flight to the UK. They’re travelling with their father,

who is seeking refuge from the Taliban. And do you think the Taliban would have killed?

Yes. This was like anybody was curious what they’re going to do. And the first time they actually do. family was lucky to escape when they could. International Military personnel are struggling to complete evacuations before the deadline of August 31.

When remaining US troops are supposed to leave Afghanistan. We know and are linked very closely with Central Command on potential operations close out commissioned by the 31st.

That was the direction given by the president and we’re committed to do that and my commitment is to ensure that airlift was never the constraint that we need more time is the message