I’m Embarrassed, I’m Ashamed : Suspected Rioter On Capitol Hill After Conviction, Developing History Presumed Capitol Revolt

I'm Embarrassed, I'm Ashamed: Suspected Rioter On Capitol Hill After Conviction, Developing History Presumed Capitol Revolt

I’m Embarrassed, I’m Ashamed: Suspected Rioter On Capitol Hill After Conviction, Developing History Presumed Capitol Revolt

President Trump has two new lawsuits from police officers who responded to the January 6 attack claiming that the assault on Trump DirecTV left him traumatized by some people riding it, thanks to which they did nothing wrong and have no regrets about Jessica Schneider.

Upfront, I want to say yes, but then I questioned my son Josh Pruitt and he described the past year as an emotional train wreck, but knowing the consequences of that, Pruitt was among the more than 700 people now charged in connection with D.C. More than 70 have been sentenced  Pending attached so far is about 30 prison sentences in the first week of January.

I have to report to Jenna Ryan Foa’s prison on a private plane to Washington, and she privately bragged that storming D.C. was one of the best days of her life, in part for not being reprimanded by a judge for imposing a 60-day prison sentence after she pleaded guilty.  to a misdemeanour, the judge said he wanted to make an example of her after she shamelessly tweeted that she wouldn’t get a jail sentence then her hair was blond and her skin white and she did nothing wrong with all the people who got caught or wondering now what’s going to happen to them and jail is going to happen eric got  Brown on 45 days in prison after pleading guilty to only one count of federal disorderly conduct

Judge James Blasberg warned of the path to trying to undermine the peaceful transfer of presidential power when he called one of Bedrock’s work in the country on the struggle to speak at sentencing and told the judge there was no excuse for my actions Jan.  This happened, with another Ryder Robert Ryder serving 3 months in prison during his conviction, pleading with the judge saying that he lost his family his job and his place in his church community after the 6th of January.

Embarrassing I am ashamed of the reader telling her that I have caused other people not only myself and has left me a permanent stain in society.

Country and I never want to be remembered for being part of this crowd Josh Pruitt even though he’s still not ready to plead guilty or cooperate with prosecutors against the other proud boys facing conspiracy charges but claims he’s no longer associated with extremists Can you come forward and say she was a right-winger  Liberals and called Pruitt Waits at the next court date who spends most of his days in a Nashville apartment wearing an ankle bracelet and bound at 9 pm

Curfew except when working as a waiter, an order approved by the court, Pruitt expects his case to go to trial and says he still stands by the big lie, Pruitt is not the only one I’ve spoken to with multiple defendants on the phone who won’t appear on camera due to their pending cases  For the fact that they wanted to stay out of the spotlight because a few who spoke with Aaron said they still believed the election was stolen and not only didn’t they think it was.  Only the Trump supporters who stormed D.C. that day tried to tell me that they also think most of them in the meantime are in the FBI Still going strong in their investigations Their latest numbers say they’re still looking for about 350 people accused of violence here in the Capitol.

But they’re still looking and it’s going to be 350 people, well, thank you very much, I mean the whole report Michael has been viciously attacked by rioters, I can protect the capital for you in the midst of this.  We’re with us and I’m grateful to have you on the show, then you should report that right or say he didn’t do anything wrong that he didn’t.

How does he do it even though your mind means I don’t care much about any of the individual riders or the interactive perspective of the day, the only thing I do care about their behaviour is accountability because they committed a crime.  You want an overdose of Krantz if they regret the time in 04 the entire court has mercy on sentencing and if they don’t feel free to let the judge know you don’t regret your actions After more than 300 people still looking for them I find Michael horrific  What I think I solved it in America is the FBI on this tablet they want to charge and I can’t find it.

And accountability is what another officer I witnessed earlier said that the people who perpetrated the attack were not brought to justice, it is not accountable that it could happen again, it is possible constable including those officials because if they don’t  That for Michael, the rioters, the reactant is indicted in 300 of them, but none of the politicians who caused the birds and the lie caused the existence of all these individuals, do you have any hope that the right people will hold American Edison to account

I think that unfortunately many of these politicians will get away with hiding behind a game of Colts hiding behind you and not speaking politically and the idea that we are not intentional but I don’t think there will be accountability for those individuals who were involved in planning and preparing for that day and also for those whose insightful rhetoric resulted in  Gay Castle and other mates of yours had the shock of that but the wheel told them it was still taking their lives and now the traffic is little at the Capitol Police Officer.

Capitol Rioter Jenna Ryan Speaks Out Before Federal Prison Sentence

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