General information about the sport of sumo rikishi sport

• General information about the sport of sumo rikishi sport

What is sumo or rikishi sport ? Sumo is a type of wrestling sport that is based on weight, size, and strength. Its principle is to push the opponent and throw it to the ground, meaning that any part of his body must touch the ground except for the soles of the feet, which does not count.

The official dress of sumo rikishi sport wrestlers ?

The robe of sumo wrestlers is limited to an apron tied with a belt.

Sumo Match Tokyo

General information about the sport of sumo rikishi sport

• History of Sumo rikishi sport :

Sumo rikishi sport wrestling appeared in Japan specifically in the period between 710 and 1185 AD and had its popularity and fame at that time. After that, the wrestling law was amended and was based on the principle of the opponent’s surrender harshly until victory was achieved by dropping the opponent or removing him from the arena of Its length is 15 meters, and then the rule of the Shogun came to ban public sumo matches, and as a result, military sports such as samurai appeared instead of sumo wrestling.

The origin of sumo rikishi sport :

One of the prevailing beliefs is that sumo is inspired by a dance called Shinto, as this dance is performed by the most powerful men in front of the kami (the gods according to their beliefs) as a kind of respect in order to obtain a bountiful harvest. Sumo wrestling was also common in celebrations, festivals and matches.

sumo rikishi sport
sumo rikishi sport

• General rules of sumo rikishi sport wrestling:

Like any other sport, rikishi sport has rules

Such as :

Touching or pulling hair.

abusive eye expressions

Punching with the fist, allows you to slap your opponent while the palm is open, but when it is closed, it is prohibited.

Throttle attempt, where you are allowed to touch your opponent with the palm of your hand and push him by the throat only.

As for the basic rule, it is forbidden to touch any part of your body to the ground except for the feet, or if you leave the boundaries of the ring, you will be declared defeated.

• Facts about rikishi sport wrestling in Japan:

Here are the highlights of these facts:

The weight of a sumo wrestler is approximately 150 kilograms, and his height is 185 centimeters.

The length of the apron worn by a sumo wrestler is 7 meters.

The average age of sumo wrestlers is 65, as the average age in Japan for males is 78 years, meaning that their age is less than the average.

rikishi sport wrestlers eat about 20,000 calories a day; This is why the sumo wrestler gets a special high-calorie dish called chanko nabe, which is made of beef and vegetables; Therefore, sumo wrestlers quickly become obese, but after retirement they change their diet to return to their normal weight.

Women are prohibited from attending sumo wrestling or entering the arena.

Sumo rikishi sport wrestlers are prohibited from driving; This is due to a previous accident with a wrestler.

At the beginning of any match, sumo wrestlers open their legs to the fullest extent and hit the ground.

In the costume worn by a sumo wrestler, there are ropes hanging from the belt. These ropes are usually odd numbers 17, 19 or 21 and are a sign of the pure ropes of Shinto shrines.

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