France Sarkozy sentenced to year of house arrest

France Sarkozy sentenced to year of house arrest

France Sarkozy sentenced to year of house arrest

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Because so cosy was not in the Paris court for the verdict into the so called Pygmalion corruption trial, but he’s 13 co accused were all were found guilty of illegal campaign financing sockos he was sentenced to a year on definitely arrest.

President Sarkozy with whom I spoke on the phone just now, asked me to go and appeal, which I will do immediately when I leave here, and of course the judgement will not be enforceable.

Nicolas Sarkozy failed to be reelected as French president in 2012, despite a lavish campaign, the scale of his rallies was designed to impress, but instead it set off alarm bells, a police investigation accused Sarkozy and his campaign team of spending more than doubled the $27 billion legal limit set by the French state and hiring a PR company called Pygmalion to help cover up the overspending .

with a system of fake invoices. During the trial Sarkozy denied any wrongdoing, but the judge in overdid said the stalkers he knew how much could be spent on a presidential campaign because he’d run before, and he knew the law. She also said that he had twice received written warnings about the risks of overspending. Symbolically

it’s important to say that President doesn’t get any immunity, and has to respond to the loan. It is also important because the Campaign for 2022 is coming so we have to have this reflection about to prevent illegal financing of a political campaign.

So koozies served one term as president from 2007, a straight talker with a love of luxury, he was tough on immigration and crime. He retired from politics in 2017. In recent years the political right wing has struggled in France buzzsaw cosies remained prominent on lots of prejudice and fought for the right side Nicolas Sarkozy seen as a scan of all time somehow reassuring figure .

to conviction is a further blow to Sarkozy’s reputation. In March, he was found guilty of corruption in a different case. And he could soon be back in court. He’s accused of receiving illegal campaign funds from the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, sokos these legal problems, it seems, of far from over. Natasha Broncolor Al Jazeera Paris.

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Sarkozy sentenced to year of house arrest