Food items not recommended for breakfast

Food items not recommended for breakfast

The Russian nutritionist said eating meat, tea, coffee and sweets on the throat is harmful to health

Food items not recommended for breakfast 

Dr Anastasia Tarasko, an endocrinologist and Russian nutritionist, said eating meat, tea, coffee and sweets on the throat is harmful to health.

Skipping breakfast can cause chronic and life-threatening health risks

Drinking tea and coffee in the morning on an empty stomach without anything with it irritates the mucosa of the stomach and intestines and does not give the body any energy, the expert told The Russian News Agency Novosti.

It is also not recommended to eat sweets and pastries on the empty stomach, because they contain a large number of carbohydrates that are easy to digest, absorbed quickly by the body, leading to a high level of glucose in the blood, and therefore a person feels hungry shortly after breakfast and may be accompanied by a headache.

“Fatty and smoked meats and marinated foods are all hard to digest, and after eating them, a person feels sleepy and has reduced ability to work,” she says. Therefore, I recommend in all meals to follow the “dish” rule. That is, a person must eat about a quarter of the daily protein intake, such as eggs, turkey meat, chicken or non-fatty fish, half of which are vegetables and fruits, and the last quarter is hard-to-digest carbohydrates or whole grains.”

A small amount of beneficial fat, animal margarine or unrefined vegetable oils can be added as well as nuts.

Skipping breakfast can cause chronic and life-threatening health risks

Many studies have warned that those who are accustomed to skipping breakfast are more likely to develop bad lifestyle habits that threaten the heart.

One study showed that people who skip breakfast have a 32% higher risk of dying from several causes.

An examination of almost 200,000 grown-ups beyond 40 years old, distributed in the Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease, additionally observed that the individuals who skipped breakfast were bound to have medical issues. Coronary failures are especially normal in individuals who routinely skip their morning dinner, with a 21% expanded danger.

This analysis was not intended to provide a causal relationship between skipping breakfast and heart attack risk.

Different not set in stone that skipping breakfast is for the most part connected with a large group of other chronic frailty decisions.

It appears to be that individuals who skip breakfast regularly don’t compensate for the missed feast later in the day, which prompts a lack of healthy sustenance.

This can also lead to eating at night or between meals, which can disrupt the metabolism, which increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

A few investigations have shown that the individuals who skip breakfast are bound to work all day, be smokers and drink more liquor

All of these reasons can affect the likelihood of developing heart disease.

This means that skipping breakfast does not necessarily cause heart disease, but people at risk of heart disease are more than over-served breakfast.

Those who skip breakfast are also more likely to follow a lifestyle with limited time for exercise and other health activities.

These examinations likewise discovered some wellbeing factors related to skipping breakfast. Diabetes was more normal among the people who didn’t have breakfast.

As with heart disease, this does not mean that breakfast causes diabetes.

This may be because controlling blood sugar throughout the day requires stricter meal planning and diet control.

Studies, which track children, found that those who used to eat breakfast were more likely to have a generally balanced diet.

It was noted that children who ate breakfast consumed more total calories, but were less likely to gain weight.

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