Fitness edge is important in our life

Fitness edge is important in our life

Fitness edge is important in our life

Importance fitness edge in our daily life

I want to thank you we are getting these great equipment no equipment exercises out on the web so you can get your workout in .

but these are some exercises that I do with my clients my senior clients to improve their cardiovascular fitness and balance and movement control patterns.

It is also considered fitness edge one of the most important things that improve physical fitness edge

Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to start out with a walk for five minutes we’re going to start slow and move up to a more vigorous block obviously you don’t need to see me walking. Oh and by the way, if you have not been exercising and you’re over 50 and check with your doctor first , To improve your fitness edge

Because quite honestly, we don’t want you to get hurt, as well. If there’s an exercise that I’m doing here that you’re a little unsure of pay us the, I think I can No, I better launch right fitness edge . Okay, modified down the exercise don’t want to fall break a habit to keep us old guys right.

That’s why the way it works fitness edge is the most important thing we can do

Okay, those are gonna start out with a five minute walk, make it a little more vigorous, and then we’re going to add in two little exercises that you can do without equipment. First,

this topic. Notes. And fitness edge .

So you’re here because you can do your marching, like this, which is great, but if you’re able to, you could add to that, so we can come up and hold on, hold on, hold on, you can do 10 2030 steps of these. 

After you’ve done that, go back to walking for two minutes you’re going to walk for two minutes in between each of these exercises, after we get done with a two minute walk, we’re going to do a little what I call retro walking retro walking, learn from great cook.

At the grove golf in some of the several years ago, I call it the John Wayne walking over the fence backwards if you ran John Lee’s movie backwards it kind of look like this. Try to keep your pelvis, straight ahead, pick up your hips and roll those hips like that again 10 2030 steps. After that walk for two minutes, to improve anything related to fitness edge .

Next we’re going to do side shuffles, getting in that athletic posture working that hip hinge, and we’re going to shuffle back and forth. Every one of these 10 2030 What you can do again walk in between.

Next is Carioca, then it’s good to have a variation. So you can do your carioca. Alright. But how about this, we do a little Carioca, boom, we hope for balance. Boom, we hope for balance, walk for two minutes. Next one of my favourite exercises that I learned from Jason glass. 

Jay glass one because it’s the first exercise he taught me. It’s a little vulgarian Split Squat, squat with a little rotation. Drop into a split squat. Come up, rotate to the front side, alternating, right, we’re going to rotate to the front side, rotate to the front side only go as low as you’re comfortable.

By the way, spring allergies may sound a little nasally, a little short of breath but I’m in fairly good condition. Now, Boxer jabs now boxer jabs, after you walk for two minutes after the J glass. A boxer jabs. What we want to do is basically we’re going to step load, pelvis, torso arm. Step. Load pelvis torso arm.

Five each side would be sufficient. Next is skipping. Now, skipping can be done a lot of different ways and I’m going to show you some variants. You don’t have to have a high amplitude on your skip especially if you’re older, and if you have a hip replacement. I might be reticent to do this especially at high amplitude but basically skipping can be done forwards. It can be done backwards. The result will be fitness edge positive .

It can be done in circles. The point is, you can skip all over. Don’t fall down, walk for two minutes, And then you’re done. So it’s about a 30 minute exercise hey I want to thank you all for staying safe staying vigilant, social distancing, make sure you walk two minutes in between each of those exercise And this concerns us, and the last advice must be continued fitness edge .

get a nice 30 minute workout. 

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