Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Manchester United A shock to the club Manchester city

Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Manchester United A shock to the club Manchester city

Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Manchester United A shock to the club Manchester city

Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Manchester United A shock to the club Manchester city .

Consecutive day. Let’s start in second consecutive day with one of the shooting stars and soccer maybe the biggest Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes.

Manchester City. Today, that deal, die and Manchester United stepped in and grabbed him off for reporting transfer fee of 25 million euro, which is about $30 million. We’re not the role just started with Manchester United in the offseason, Frank, our biggest deal is his return and

you just mentioned that his is where he started out really went to Portugal but Manchester United. That’s where he made his mark, and I think you’ll I go back to when Kobe Bryant was talking about his baby going to the clippers and you’re thinking for his legacy.

And what that would mean to the fan. At the end of the day he went back to the Lakers and I think Christianna Ronaldo to go to Man City that’s the rival of Manchester United. And remember this thing. Sir Alex Ferguson.

That was his manager at Manchester United, there is a statue of serralves in front of the stadium Old Trafford. He called up Ronaldo, everyone always talks about him being a father to him.

I think he knew, if I’m going back to play in the Premier League, and especially, I’m going to be in Manchester, I could only play for one team, and it’s Manchester fright.

I was like, Do you wake up in the United States running, you know, five or six hours behind the I don’t know where you are here, and Sky Sports has a special programming of a special programme. This to me is like Michael Jordan returning to the pool.

Yeah, I mean it’s so unbelievably enormous in Europe. And it was interesting to just watch some of his coverage, and it started me wondering about some of the same questions they had.

How much is the soldier and how significant a contribution can Rinaldo make at this point. But the notion of going to Manchester City was, was to quote one of their analysts torture to Matthew fans, where he’s gonna go back okay how great is he, I mean he’s still a great ball score, he’s gonna play the number nine,

the Centre for their, for Manchester United, and they need this shot in the arm, but they’ve finished no higher than second year in the Premier League, over the last, what, eight, nine seasons.

And so it seems like just getting him has reinvigorated the franchise which of course is I mean, you could compare it to the Yankees or the Canadian or the Celtics of Premier League action, and so people are just going crazy there and getting him back, even though he cannot be the same player possibly that he was in 2003 456789, when he helped that.

And you’re right to it’s a short term thing it’s only two years. Now when he was there, they weren’t really championships, and they want to champions like that’s what Manchester United is trying to do, you look at Chilean and Bapi the French player who went to Real Madrid,

That’s for today and the next 10 years Rinaldo going back to Manchester United, it’s about this moment, Manchester City, the crosstown rival.

They have won everything. The past couple of years in a Premier League, and just in that last fight. Exactly. So, I tell you what, it’s a big blow to them because they wanted to get Harry Kane they wanted to get her novel,

and he’s back with the Cobra he wanted to be I’m telling you, it would have been was it’s just like what, what about the clippers, but he’s a Laker in Manchester, Ronaldo, he’s not a city player. He’s united. Absolutely, that’s

such an just an enormous worldwide story. Yeah, sports, they were checking you with correspondents lunches, all those great suddenly made me just say,

No, I’m clicking off of preseason football for the rest of this weekend in this country, and I’m going to something that actually seems to me some real, real, real games real competition real And a real sporting transformation .