Chinese whistleblower exposes torture of Uyghur prisoners

Chinese whistleblower exposes torture of Uyghur prisoners

Chinese whistleblower exposes torture of Uyghur prisoners

Chinese security forces tell cnn he was routinely ordered to arrest and torture Uighur detainees in truly horrific and barbaric way. China denies accusations from the United States that has obtained up to 2 million weekers.

And even the Muslim in a system of modern day internment camps in the shinjang region of China, as I’ve been watching brings new revelations to warn our viewers the graphic display of violence and such. So push the electric stick here. And it’s just like burning.

This is the story of a victim and his self confessed torture to the police officers use ,

electric buttons to shock prisoners. 

Yes, everyone uses different methods.

For years, stories of arbitrary arrests, unspeakable cruelty and mass internment camps have been trickling out of China’s shinjang region. testimonies from people like up dwelley are you when you were detained in 2013? What was your main job? He says police took him from his Uyghur language kindergarten .

put black hood on my face and they put me in the this is the interrogation room and inside the iron cage, there is a tiger chair. You’re like risk shackled there and your like feed or shaker.

He says police accused him of espionage plotting against the Chinese government and the crime of separatism and they demanded a confession , he just confess, he just admit but you have done. It’s good for him. Now for the very first time has spoken to a former Chinese police officer who claims his job was to arrest and extract confessions from ethnic Uighurs in shinjang.

Some cops would play the good cops, some lead bad cops. After we beat them, we’d offer them a cigarette. Did you have to be the bad cop sometimes. Of course, 

the man who asked to be called Jang says he worked more than 10 years as a cop before fleeing China. After growing disillusioned with the ruling Communist Party, I met him in a European country.

He wore his police uniform to authenticate his story, but does not want to be identified to protect himself and relatives who are still in China. To prove that he was a Chinese police officer Jang is showing me many photos of different police badges, training certificates, even portraits of his graduating class and police academy images that we cannot show on television because they would reveal his identity.

Jane says he was sent from his home province to work in shinjang at least three times during which he was ordered to arrest hundreds of suspects. All of them and Nick wiegers.

How are the interrogations being conducted?

Beat them, kick them, beat them bruised and swollen knock their heads on the radiator, at least would step on the suspects face and tell him to confess. Jane says some suspects were as young as 14 and all of the detainees were beaten or the suspects all men and women.

Did you witness women being beaten? 

he was raped on his first night of detention by Chinese prisoners who followed the orders of prison guards. This was prisoners who sexually assaulted prisoners more than one more than money. Yeah, just First of all, Dave surrounded me and the police there ordered me to to like take off my underwear and like the bend over. Don’t do this Don’t cry. Please don’t do this. And then like one item, just hold my hand like this.

So Jeong. The police officer who fled China describes in graphic detail methods of sexual torture that he says police officers used.

If you want people to confess, use the Electric baton. We would tie two electrical wires on the tips and set the wires on their genitals while the person is tied up. The result is better.

He also says Police sometimes ordered prisoners to sexually assault detainees.

We call it an in prison investigation

the Chinese government and says it is battling violent extremism in shinjang. Beijing also denies any human rights abuses whatsoever are being committed there. I want to reiterate

that the so called genocide and shinjang is nothing but a rumour backed by ulterior motives and an outright lie.

But Jang v whistleblower cop says he got double his normal salary to join 10s of 1000s of other police sent to shinjang as part of the government , that you arrested in shinjang. Do you think we’re actually violent extremists? Not not.

shinjang is not a war zone. And those people are our fellow citizens, not foreign enemies.

If you didn’t carry out the rest

In response to Britain questions , the shinjang government denies that me ride died in detention, saying the 30 year old woman instead died of organ failure due to severe anaemia after being treated in a hospital after suffering from an unknown illness.

The Chinese government did not respond to written questions concerning allegations made by the former police officer. After well he now lives in Norway with his family and publishes children’s books written in Uighur he insists he can forgive the man jailed and tortured. I don’t hate because all of them victim of that system.

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