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 Chicago Bears Report Card


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Doing a Quick Out. Remember the old bear weather myth. That was the idea that the bears were at their best when the weather got bad and the other teams from down south or dome would come in and just breathe Soldier Field.

Mike Nichols wanted to perpetrate this to begin with, but then Lovie Smith later saw the money and then a blow up in his face. One day when Houston came in and temperatures were 15 degrees, the bears moved the ball about five yards on offence.

Sunday was about as close as it gets to fairweather anymore, but that was actually more like duck whether or not their weather was rain. Still, it was like in the mornings and windy, just a sloppy and miserable day. So the bears easily should have been able to handle this team from Adomah in warm weather.

Instead, it was a Verizon here, following up in the bad weather, they could hang on anything. It wasn’t just whether or not they should keep up with technology. That’s what I know there’s again. This is happening so many times now that you can’t keep track of it. Someone took Matt Nagy over to Best Buy,

Our headsets went out for basically the whole second half. So we’re backed up. I’m trying to It’s like high school out there trying to yell at the plays that you get from up top.

We started doing that before we had the walkie talkie Someone went and gave me the play, I gotta yell it down handy. And make sure he gets it and, and then a couple series later on, we got the walkie talkie, which is clear for Andy.

So I’m basically the conduit to the Andean bill. And so that’s why I obviously have all the coaches online up upstairs, they can talk to me. Andy couldn’t hear Bill. So he was called to play. I was given by the walkie talkie. So Bill was chained to play with me.

And I was related to Andy. So there’s a whole little deal that goes on there in those moments. You know, that’s what the walkie talkies say this because otherwise, you’re yelling plays like high school.

Yeah, there are times that it was going out. And there’s times I can hear some of those times I couldn’t hear any of it. And so just working through that, and not that we handle it well in this situation than it was, but we’d like to answer. Fortunately, there’s the technology, that’s how things can be. So you got to fight through me.

I was definitely cold. Just playing in Miami for you know, five years. It’s just a shock to me with 70 miles around. And I was like, Oh my God. It’s got to be a coach, I don’t know, like, and so but I think I think it was.

I think the weather conditions definitely were, I will say, a little bit of an effect of just, you know, being able to, you know, security catch and look all the way through. And I think that games like that we just got to have a mantra for sure.

You know, obviously no excuses. You know, we thought that we had some drops in our minds. I thought kind of set the tone because the games are about myself. But yeah, it’s tough, but we’re professionals, we got to be able to, you know, actually you need it.

Regardless of the conditions, I mean, balls wet, kind of just goes through and you just have to be able to focus and be more focused on catching the ball than we do after the ball. So that’s gonna be better.

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