Brock Lesnar Brings Much-Needed Sizzle to WWE SummerSlam, But Future Is Cloudy

Brock Lesnar Brings Much-Needed Sizzle
Brock Lesnar Brings Much-Needed Sizzle

Brock Lesnar Brings Much-Needed Sizzle to WWE SummerSlam, But Future Is Cloudy

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In the waning moments of Friday’s WWE SmackDown, Brock Lesnar emerged from behind the curtain like a swashbuckling hero there to save the day. Not only from the haughty, pompous Theory and his humiliation of Madcap Moss, but also from the ambiguity surrounding his participation in SummerSlam, the second-largest premium live event of the year for the corporation.

Earlier that day, Lesnar stormed out of the Boston arena in rage after learning about Vince McMahon’s departure from WWE, according to a report by Bryan Alvarez . Additionally, before leaving, the former WWE champion remarked something along the lines of “if he’s gone, I’m gone,” which necessitated rewrites of the whole SmackDown telecast.

His entrance Lesnar Brings

Brock Lesnar attacks Theory | SmackDown July 22 , 2022 WWE

1 SummerSlam Impact of Lesnar

Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns is currently the biggest and most star-studded match available to the WWE, and it is exactly what the company needs to help sell one of the most significant cards of the year in a sizable NFL stadium in Nashville, despite the fact that there is a diminishing desire to see the match as the main event of any WWE event at this point.

Lesnar is an established draw who has appeal outside of the field of professional wrestling. Both casual and devoted followers are aware of who he is and what he stands for. He is also incredibly over, as shown by the cheer he received in Boston as he entered the ring and began to beat Theory with his own weapons.

Because that particular bout type is necessary because to the competitors’ past interactions, only Lesnar would be a good fit.

Would WWE have been able to depose The Head of the Table if it had looked to its permanent roster and selected someone like Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Riddle, or AJ Styles? Yes, but neither the celebrity power nor the casual attention would have been present.

Lesnar is the person the company goes to when it needs to pop a buyrate or generate interest, for better or ill. However, the suddenness of his resignation on Friday afternoon and his professional relationship with McMahon raise serious concerns about his long-term position in WWE.

Brock Lesnar Brings Much-Needed Sizzle
Brock Lesnar Brings Much-Needed Sizzle

In addition, the future of WWE is also relevant.

What Are the Given his connections to both sides, Paul Heyman’s continued presence is undoubtedly beneficial, but Lesnar is his own man and will make the decisions he believes will best serve him and his interests.

Lesnar’s absence from WWE could cause problems in the future.

It has struggled to develop its own unique and thrilling box office draws over the past ten years due, at least in part, to its overreliance on bringing back occasional stars like Lesnar and Goldberg for major events.

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WWE would be forced to concentrate on rapidly and effectively doing everything in its power to strengthen the talent it now has if no one with that level of appeal was willing to step up and consistently play that role.

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