Belarus Moves Some Migrants Away From Poland’s Border

 Belarus Moves Some Migrants Away From Poland’s Border

Belarus Moves Some Migrants Away From Poland’s Border
Bella Rose has agreed to hold talks with the European Union over the migration crisis on its borders. German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke to Alexander Lukashenko on the phone for a second time on Wednesday that’s been met with some criticism. Along the border between Belarus and EU member Poland. There are signs of de escalation after clashes between Polish police and migrants. People stranded on the Belarusian side started boarding buses to take them away from the front view.

On the move again, migrants on the battery side of the border with Poland are being brought to an unknown location. That’s according to Polish authorities wait for war so it doesn’t signal an end to the crisis. Is enough I suppose opinions let me remind you that this isn’t just an attack on the Polish better routine border. It all started with the border.Yeah, that was just the beginning.

A better reason Latvia border was attacked. So it’s simply an attack on the border at the moment it’s concentrated at the part of the EU border that’s under our Polish protection.

For some migrants, conditions have improved while they can get into the EU where they had hope for those wishing to get to Germany, any hopes of Berlin allowing them entry have been dashed.

many developments that we’re seeing there clearly show once again the road to better reach a dead end for most people who want to go to Germany. There are no plans to start approving some migrants fear of what lies ahead for them we are whipping up all immigrants here knows that Villars uses immigrants just like oh woman with a European country.

As many migrants wait for a clear path forward that a racing leader Alexander Lukashenka putting on solving the crisis and many European leaders as they don’t in the Polish border region and joins us from there Barbara another freezing night there. Yesterday, Bella Roos began passing migrants away from the border to emergency shelters.

What are the things been like where you are today?

I mean, it’s been relatively quiet on the Polish side, but we saw that the Polish guards, Polish border guards put out a notice saying that at another point not far from where we’re standing here. 500 migrants tried to breach the border.

So they tried in a really large group to sort of push through was the idea that you know, the police will catch some but maybe not all of them. So we don’t know how many of them made it through. And that shows that this is not totally over where the eyes of cameras of the media are on the batteries inside.

We see the buses and we see people having been brought to warehouse but out in the forest here in this huge border region. There are still hundreds of migrants who are trying to make their way into the EU.And you and your team went out last night into that forest with some aid workers and met a Syrian migrant. Tell us more about what happened.

It was a really heart rending experience, because we got a tip from local aid workers that they somebody had called for help from the forest and we went out into the forest with them.

It took four hours to find the man and he was a certain man from homes. totally exhausted. He had fallen ill on the trail his group left him behind, but at least they send a location pin to this age group who then went to find him.

They couldn’t help them on his way he was too early to go to a hospital at the point now is that they’re trying to keep the Polish police from pushing him back across the bedroom border because that would be something that this man certainly would not survive And Germany’s Angela Merkel has again phoned Belarus and Lita Alexander Lukashenka

what’s happening on the diplomatic France she has been incredibly busy. She has also been talking to the Polish government yesterday, in order to sort of calm their nerves because they’ve been complaining now they’re talking to Luca shanku.

They’re not talking to us and we’re sort of the main players in this whole drama. So she also talked to them, but she’s also contacted Lukashenko again, instead of Porto Wait, once once more, maybe one last time in one of these international crisis up against this, this big problem and said you you have to stop this.

We will not be blackmailed in the way that we will sort of give into you we will not lift the sanctions that no there were more sanctions posed on him.

But you cannot do this. It’s a humanitarian crisis. And so he seems to be changing his game and doesn’t want to be left as the bad guy causing more people to die and wants to sort of show yeah, I reasonable I’m doing this just in order to gain favour. And to sort of look better in the international eyes.

joined now by Gerald canals. He’s a former GM German government migration advisor and co founder of the think tank the Euro the Tea Initiative risk analysis.

Welcome to DW R au pushbacks a violation of refugees human rights.

Well, some questions are very easy to answer. This is one. Yes, obviously. All you need to do is read the Schengen border Codex, the law that regulates what is allowed at EU borders. All you need to do is read a judgement by the highest European court in Luxembourg from December 2020.

On the I carry an asylum law which practices and legalises push backs there, and which found that this was in violation of EU law.

And in fact, the Polish Prime Minister is not even arguing that this is in line with EU law he simply says and explains that EU law should be irrelevant because Poland is facing an invasion.

And so these basic principles these conventions are suspended illegally. It’s clear. Unfortunately, politically, it’s also clear that there is now a consensus in the EU to just accept this violation.

You said recently that we need humane control. What do you mean by that?

What do you mean control would mean doing what the laws and the conventions on the rights of children refugee convention Human Rights Convention judgments?

For See, the point about basic human rights is that they matter in a time of crisis under pressure. And clearly, this is a deadly trap that was sprung on the EU by Lukashenko and on these people, they were learning to better rose.

They might not be refugees, but for this you need to have a status determination. But they are human beings with human dignity and to push them back into the forest into the hands of Lukashenko US security forces. That is not your main control.

Your main control would be to say, our laws are clear. Those who reach Poland have the right to apply for asylum in Poland or in the European Union. And if we want to stop people going to Belarus, we need to think about other ways to do that.

That is an effort but it is worth it. If you believe in fundamental conventions that human rights.

There’s been some criticism of Angela Merkel’s discussions with Alexander Lukashenko in your opinion, was it right for Michael to speak directly to Lukashenka?

Well, if you cannot think of any other way to deal with this massive humanitarian crisis, I mean, we’re talking about 1000s of people at risk of death, and we’re talking about a dictator who’s been prepared to torture his own people Lukashenko.

You are in a trap and Lukashenko is winning on this. He is being taught to he holds the fate of these people in his hands and if we do not want them to suffer, and since the European Union couldn’t think of any other strategy, it is now appealing to him to help us and of course .

this is going to have a price and the price we see already in the Belarus media, the official media where he celebrates this as a victory, he forced the EU to talk to him, although nobody wanted to talk to him

after his human rights violations and suppression of his own population since the last elections. Alright, Carol Kraus Carol plasma to leave it there former migration adviser to the German government. Thank you very much for reading

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