Australian visa cancelled again for Novak Djokovic

Australian visa cancelled again for Novak Djokovic

Australian visa cancelled again for Novak Djokovic

To prevent confusion The Australian government has revoked the visa for Novak Djokovic just three days before the start of the Australian Open Djokovic is the number one seed in the tournament he is also unvaccinated and Australia is struggling with Rising case numbers and has been investigating a series of errors and discrepancies in the tennis star’s covid testing and travel documents for it to Lee he will be unable to defend his Australian Open title and unable to break the Grand Slam record.

he coveted least, for now, Novak Djokovic’s is appealing the ruling Australian immigration Minister Alex released a statement that says his decision was made in the public interest social lives in Melbourne bringHancocksa hancocks This is complicated things this morning John and Kathy the more complicated there is currently a hearing on going on this just three hours after the immigration Minister Alex cope made that decision we are back in court and hearing this decision.

and discrepancies in the tennis star’s covid testing , and travel¬† released a statement that says his decision was made in the public interest supposed to live in Melbourne This is complicated just three days before the tournament starts where do things stand this morning it gets even more complicated bechamel sauce made that decision we are packing quotes and hearing this decision is hearing that what we know at this point is the Djokovic will not be detained 11 pm Melvin time we know that he will be going to an interview with immigration officials.

8 am tomorrow local time that’s Friday 4 p.m. Eastern and from that point on he will be considered the pain that will be Australia¬† Board of to officials at a company again so he won’t have that interview with immigration officials and then a couple of hours later he will be allowed to go to his lawyer’s office today to determine the next steps for the Coast Guard game will be while he is detained you will be accompanied by those officials and then,¬† after that he will we understand be in detention.

This is going to a higher Court Judge Anthony Kelly beside it and then reinstated to be back on Monday has said this will go to the federal court of Australia and I don’t think that you’re staying here with sight-unseenght unseen back sentiment in the community and his lawyers and surprisingly say that that is paid to the irrational at a radical new approach is that is what we understand they will be fighting against at this point. Scott Morrison the Prime Minister has said that stuff that this does prove and the backs of the fact that Australians have to follow these rules very closely on this box. Have his decision by the immigration Minister saying that it,

but it does justify the sacrifices that Australians have made b, ut clearly it shows that nightly nights Djokovic is going to fight this as long as he’s had his knowledge even pointing out that they would like this to go to the higher court on Sunday so potentially he could play in the Australian Open Monday running out all Hancock thank you very much former world number one in double she joins us from Melbourne of humouring me for a second I want to interview you at almost as if your two peoples and Australian the then tennis storey for your reaction to this just as in Australia

because it has such a tough-lovee down particularly here in on anyone coming into the country at all I just want to remind people that Djokovic himself admitted this week that he broke covid protocols and after he tested positive after being knowing we testify he sat down for an interview with journalists with covid heat also admitted that his travel documents were wrong For an interview with realist with covid Wellington Court frankly most of the players are pretty much over it I think a lot of people arrive read including this effect as well and I would have cried Australia.

but mainly the tennis players really they’re pretty selfish in their own right so they’ve been in their own le bubble and I’ll be really honest I was 14 I also I know so they think abir own drawer and how they playing and what’s going on and realigned because now that means anything to them except obviously if he’s one of your stickings to their own matches and practices loitering about themselves but I’m sure they’ll be very happy .

when this is over and done with t some point Avenue for this ruling to be overturned by the Australian Minister maybe we’ll be but right now I don’t think there’s any dispute he has the authority to revoke the Visa put gift somehow Novak Djokovic and does end up playing what do you think the reaction will be when he takes the course play the first mag which is something the tournament will have

Novak Djokovic Out Of The Australian Open As Visa Cancelled By Australian Court

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