iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro Max 

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Today we have something very special. This came all the way from China, and just showed up here and you know when you see this type in the bar on top, you’re in for some special because it came a long way and that’s what this did right here inside this package,

suppose it is the closest best look yet, at the next generation iPhone. The iPhone 13 In this case I believe it’s gonna be 13 Pro Max, it is not a completely functioning unit. It is a mock up some like to call it a bottle but I’ve been told it’s fairly.

In other words, the materials you use metal and things like this to mimic the eventual unit that will hit the market at some time soon. Everyone is always trying to predict exactly what that next iPhone is going to look like. And inside this box we probably have our closest book yet and I have a bunch of other phones to compare here as well.

So, what is this many regular Promax and a pro 12 series so we’ll be doing that comparison and also the rumours have been that we’re going to, going to see bigger individual camera units on the back as I just mentioned, and also that we were going to have a slightly smaller notch now I don’t know, on this construction how they’re going to represent a smaller notch, like, how they’re going to kind of map it in there but hopefully we can catch some measurements there.

because a lot of people have been waiting a long time for a shrunken notch, I don’t know how much you care about it but Apple has been maintaining this large scale notch for good reason because they’re hiding all of their face id Tech inside of there but if they can pack it into a slightly smaller region, and give you more screen, why not I think anybody will be happy with that. Alright, so.

Oh, secret, packaging, like look into reuse the box one degree stays inside some chicken wings were in there previously as how you know you’re about to have a good time.

A little bit of bubble wrap, and a little bit more packing foam papers stuff.

And then a velvety bag. I don’t think the last time I got one of these devices I don’t think that was in baby the way is good very realistic.

A few feels like a pro Max in there. Ladies and gentlemen, that is one of the wow that is easily the best mock up, I have ever felt in my iPhone, exactly balanced in a similar fashion. Now, weirdly, it looks like the Apple logo has been scratched up a little bit. I’m not sure how, like why that might be the case, do they have to do that in order to destroy the trademark aspect I have no clue.

And maybe it happened in shipping somewhere along the line but it looks intentional to me with the scratching or otherwise the actual finish on here, very similar, let me just go over here real quick and pull out a regular iPhone 12 Pro Max Okay.

Weight wise, they nailed it, it’s pretty much identical. Now, the position of the Apple logo, almost identical dimensions almost identical. What’s the difference here well obviously the colour is different.

This is that graphite over here we have to polu the camera modules substantially increase in size, and possibly height on the new Pro Max model or the iPhone Pro, Max.

Is it ever so slightly taller, it might be, we’re gonna get to callipers, it’s definitely fatter, I’ll tell you that right now, it is definitely fatter. Now, if they do go with some new display technology, and they want to maintain battery capacity there is a potential that we’re going to end up with an ever so slightly fatter device for the next generation iPhone 13 Okay now on the front this is the other team it looks to be protected here.

It has the shrunken non being time shrunken notch now, I don’t know how easy this is going to be for you guys to see what it is smaller, actually you have so for the purpose of the measurement all use bone and iPhone that’s turned on, oh, this is the graphite. Oh, so you can see the colours, a little different to on this 13 Pro Max model, it’s a little bit darker, is that going to be reality I don’t know how much they’re capable of nailing the colours preemptively.

Let’s see the brain brings a little bit lighter to it more reflective also the antenna bands are light, as opposed to dark, which I’m not sure that’s going to be the case. So on this side of the unit, they’re identical. You have your volume buttons. Your vibrate switch, and you can see mapped out over here where the SIM tray would be other side of the device, we have our power switch, power button which surprisingly actually works on this model as well.

And then on the bottom of the device I think they’re identical. So it’s not that thing that was rumourmaybe it’s just the colour difference that’s messing my brain up a little. Let’s get the callipers and see if we can figure the difference there. So,

ed was like the warrantless iPhone. Apparently not, this version, at least, if you go based on this particular model, you still have the cord on the bottom, it looks like a little bit different but essentially, that’s the lightning.

No, no tapes are gonna see Portland as I guess before you know another note about the knotch and the shrinkage of a key factor there is the relocation of the earpiece, so as you can see on the old model the earpiece is in the central part of the notch on the iPhone 13 model you have him up to the very fringe screen and out of the way so the entire notch believes of being low, the earpiece, That’s interesting. I thought for sure this one was fatter, but when I put them both face down like this. Practically,

maybe it’s

just the colour difference that’s messing my brain up a little. Let’s get the callipers and see if we can figure the difference there. So,

7.5, iPhone, two well, we’ll do some,

a little more.

It’s a little tiny bit fatter ever so slightly fatter, the other question is does it get fatter up along the camera units. Three, six they’re interesting that one. Okay, same thing a little bit fatter, there, but I’m telling you this

Three, six. They’re interesting that one Okay, same thing a little bit fatter there, but I’m telling you this is so marginal and relatively insignificant.

We saw this happen with an even more so I With the recent iPad, the iPad Pro 12.9 where they went to the mini led Technology and then ended up with a point Five millimetre fatter device,

meaning it was no longer compatible with the previous generation magic keyboard Then on a phone you would notice it more But whatever it is, is not 1.5 millimetres it’s it’s like point one millimetre or something in that neighbourhood iPhone 13 promax I have 78 points 08 millimetres 12 promax 78.14 78.07 78.1 60 point It’s a five these ones are almost identical 116 point two Now the big one is right there. Those are some of the biggest individually dual camera models I’ve ever seen on a phone so we might as well measure those.

So Way to see how big Oh, there we go. 16.99 millimetre Tall versus 14.1 euro This is the biggest difference on the entire design is The camera size per individual module. Now, this could be different for the other models. Obviously, you’re going to have 1313 Mini 13 Pro and then pro Max and so that can be different on a per bottle basis. But to give you an idea of how much those things scaled up the scale Without more than any other singular dimension, although I should check the notch as well. Well, so This is just a regular pro model right around here. 34.6 millimetres

On the old nacelle, the new one is tough for you to see

This is another more significant change so 26.3 One millimetres on the iPhone 13 Pro max bottle. That’s going to be your big changes from a physical perspective. There are other rumours around Touch ID but actually showing up in display or possibly in the power button is power but doesn’t seem to be a sign that That’s where it would live. So there’s a reverse about Touch ID and display in order to deal with the fact Like that nowadays people are wearing masks and or certain circumstances where face ID is not as functional and then all Obviously you’d expect to see camera improvements with the enormous camera module.

was also and this is a big one for myself on the display side. Never mind the shrunken notch but what about the display itself? the rumour here is 120 hertz per devotion like they have on the iPads. Like a lot of other manufacturers in the Android space have So finally a faster refresh coming to iPhone geduld For the pro max model, that would be cool to see so any winning there you Hello,

this is our best look. It does. It’s gonna take me a while to get used to that is a real statement increasingly, the phone is Coming the camera and the camera is indicating to everybody around you which model you happen to have. And that’s definitely the case.

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