No one would have believed the mysterious events that were filmed live

No one would have believed the mysterious events that were filmed live

No one would have believed the mysterious events that were filmed live
No one would have believed the mysterious events that were filmed live

In this episode, we will see a group of strange and strange videos that no one would have believed were real if it had not been recorded during the broadcast live. Let’s launch the volume in March of the year 2020, Sky News showed a very strange video clip of the British Finance Minister how this happened We can clearly see that the clip is complete and not a composite, just as the minister is in all three,

which means that he did not stop behind the car to change the volume, and no one interrupted with him during his journey also to help him in that. The first is that

The folder < mysterious events :

is made of a special material that changes color constantly, which is what we see in this video, and the second point of view is related to ghosts and abnormal phenomena that the human mind cannot explain.

The abnormality that the human mind cannot explain. We are watching it now. It is one of the strangest videos that were recorded during television broadcasts. This happened in the news broadcast on β€œHe attended the news channels in 2015. The cup moved a few centimeters and then stopped because he was looking at the news text. A Kurd was really shocked, but he Control yourself and work normally.

Later he told you because he felt a sinister in the movement of

The cup < mysterious events :

and felt something cold passing behind his back and then Tablo, who did not notice the movement of the cup, refused to water you in front of his colleague during the break, but he was also shocked when he witnessed the later recorded clip, but that is Are ghosts evil or perhaps other unnatural seen.

You will see what happened to

Pope Vatican < mysterious events :

As you all know, Baba talking to his audience from the balcony of St. Peter is very important for Christians, always live from the same place. As soon as he finished his speech, he waved to the audience and turned and took a few steps away from the window and then disappeared completely. You can notice that in this clip, I think a lot because the video clip has been modified. and post it online,

But when we return to the original clip, we will notice the same thing, as Baba was an important figure for Christians, and no one can use him in a satirical montage, so the emergence of many of the theory that the owners tried. The Pope was ill on that day, and the church did not do that for two reasons, the first of which is that the church will burn its stability in the event of announcing the death of the Pope and an attempt to compensate him. As for the second, the world has been going through in recent months, which did not allow the election of a new president for the church anyway.

The idea of ​​a hologram is a logical idea and is not impossible.

The bird < mysterious events :

in March of 2011 shocked Japan with a strong earthquake that reached 9 on the Richter scale. The clips There was a surprising one, and he is the one we show you now, while pointing the camera towards the sea, a strange and inexplicable thing was filmed. A bird appeared. The reason for this may be the poor quality of the camera. But let’s continue watching.

Nothingness and disappeared into nothingness. It is clear that he did not drown in the water and was not dropped by strong winds because he simply disappeared. This can be seen better when playing the video at a slow speed, but until now no one has been able to explain what happened.

Michael Jackson < mysterious events :

On June 15, 2009, shocked the world with sad news, the death of Michael Jackson, who fell in love with millions of fans, according to the official version. He is alive, and there is some evidence of this, including what happened in the sixth episode of the second season of the series: Atlanta

In that episode a character named Teddy Perkins’ character appeared, that is completely similar to Michael Jackson,It was no coincidence, the owner of the character is Donald Glover.

after that The episode was nominated for an Emmys Award for 2018. Glover was nominated for Best Actor, but the strange thing is that Donaver was present at the awards ceremony and the character Teddy Perkins was there as well.How to explain the great similarity between him and Michael Jackson.Many tried to explain what happened, some of them said that he was Michael Jackson .

and he faked his death and had plastic surgery after that to look different from the previous ones, but that does not explain why Teddy cameto the party and what is the purpose of it,Especially that the producers stated before that that Teddy is a character played by the actor Donald Glover.

Another interesting thing is that the director of the series, Hiro murai, refused to give information about the person who was present at the party on the grounds that he was Teddy, and the strangest thing is that Teddy,Who told reporters during the party a very strange sentence where he said they killed me but I’m not dead.

Finally, aliens < mysterious events :

you can find many pictures and videos that talk about aliens, but it is hard to believe, everything may be modified with computer programs, and everyone who argues in Eden the existence of aliens,

That evidence was not recorded in a live broadcast, but what if this really happened program On one of the television channels in Peru, where the presenter of the program was sitting on the beach, and there were about 200 viewers present with him.

The broadcast was live. The laser beam was directed towards the light source, and there was no response in the beginning. Suddenly the audience saw that it was not similar to the flash of planes, but it was very strong. It was the most common thing to try to respond to the laser beam.

Many say that this beach is known for its unnatural phenomena, and no one yet knows the secret behind it.

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