Egypt shocks the world again with a mysterious discovery

Egypt shocks the world again with a mysterious discovery
Egypt shocks the world again with a mysterious discovery

Egypt shocks the world again with a mysterious discovery

There is no doubt that all of you are aware that the excavators of antiquities from among the scholars are always in a complete and serious quest to explore and reveal the hidden antiquities in various parts of the world. Loyal people, we offer you the most mysterious discoveries. If you watch the video, not the end, and as usual, before we start, scroll down, click on the Like button. Make the screen bigger. Egypt shocks the world

You all know, dear viewers, that the city for the Olympic Games for the year 2020 dates back to the thirteenth century BC, and not only that, but when they excavated again, they found many pots consisting of five ceramics, pots and artifacts that are formed in shapes in the form of dragons, and they are still in its entirety

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dear viewers, you must all know about Turkey, which was the Ottoman Caliphate state that ruled the world for several centuries, and the Ottoman Caliphate ruled the world for several centuries, and before that in the Middle Ages, Turkey was one of the capitals of the Byzantine state. Creation He was found buried under the wall of one of the churches in Turkey, which belonged to one of the leaders.

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but now, dear viewers, I will tell you about the thing that will happen to all of them to hear. The prospectors in England, February 2022, found something special, as the scientists explained that these bones are in good condition and that they are as old as ever, even older than the Egyptian pyramids of Giza , Egypt shocks the world

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dear viewers, returns to different squares of the mosaics with inscriptions drawn in different shapes on the floors in one of the European islands, which have become scientists about the presence of a Byzantine civilization in this place, and it was surrounded by special pictures by the residents who lived there and who spent on them. their own spending and still exists today

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dates back to the ancient Egyptian civilization, where scientists found many pots and pottery relics that date back to 4000 BC. The strange thing is that they are all in good condition. There was no internal interest from universities to search and excavate antiquities until more than one university excavated and the sea And they also found four pots that are a word for either when we talk about four similar faces,

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But when we talk about the mummy, dear viewers, let us tell you about the mummy of Peru, whose discovery was made in late 2021. The excavators found eight skeletons belonging to one family, which contained four children and two times thickened with shoes. They had with them many of the first buried pottery, which scientists repaired that perhaps That family had fallen under collective punishment by the ruling families in the meantime .

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In January 2022, in one of the excavations in London, under the land of a farmer, different yards of mosaics dating back to Roman times, which are considered among the best and finest types of mosaics in engravings, were not crossed to the heart of human beings due to the great magnificence they carry.

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dear viewers, you must have all heard of the strange and amazing archaeological discoveries, but you are now in the sky, the military equipment, the defense forces, and many small statues, which was called Dera G before today, which belong to the emperor walking in Oran, and scientists have so far made the reason for making these statues. turmoil, but no one has yet discovered the cause.

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Ths discovery, my dear ones, was classified as no less than a precious treasure, as the Egyptian scientist Dr. Zaki Hawass made a discovery and surveillance in the Saqqara area, and then he brought out many wooden coffins belonging to Queen Mary, the wife of King Fahd, and what was painted on them inscriptions and sacred figures that belonged to her dead people. It was found in the case of the lady, and research is still ongoing on her until now.

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the iron must be built in England, and it consists of four wooden statues, each two meters long, but it was broken from its middle.

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