Chinese engineers dug an under sea tunneling

digging a tunneling under the sea

Chinese engineers dug an under sea tunneling
Chinese engineers dug an under sea tunneling

Hello to the channel light your mind has seen a lot of technology in the development of construction works, where the engineers succeeded in the development of machines capable of producing a wonderful lot of work hard for quite easily.

Even underground In this episode you will see the best machine can be used to dig tunnels in this video can see is able to dig tunnels quite easily and is characterized Baldad wonderful characteristics of a diameter of 12 meters and is 95 meters long and can in one week and two that are removed six ninety-a thousand tons of soil this machine.

Able to drill in different layers of soil and even rocks and is known as the force either tunnels that dig could be in diameter ranges between meters and 19 Intervals 25, which provides a way sophisticated and easy to drill compared to spending drilling manual or drilling using explosives and characterized this machine is also its ability to reduce disorders that occur at the level of the surrounding areas of logic drilling.

The use of explosives and this machine is also characterized by its ability to reduce disturbances that occur at the level of the surrounding areas of drilling as it is logic able to open an internal tunnel generally smooth opposite of what is produced from the rest of the drilling methods of a characteristic that greatly reduce the processing expenses of the lining of the tunnels from the inside.

The drawback they are expensive to use and also transfer but that cost is not a problem if it comes to spending too long where this performance can dig long tunnels as soon as the cost of occupancy less can be used for such spending by cars or even how much the price of rail and install the rail harder and more complicated.

digging a tunneling under the sea

Since the process requires a lot of precision especially with regard to the settlement of the railway to meet the requirements of movement trains to achieve that ground flat surface completely at the bottom and that of the preferred range of machinery, which is keen to settle the ground, some are fresh layer of Hassan Yes, which is also guarding the machinery settled.

Even the rafters that link between the two tracks Almadnyin each other to be installed after making precise calculations where the path must be appropriate for the passage of the train on the railroad without those rafters distance between steelhead pieces wrestler also affect his movement as to be calculated carefully in order to avoid deformation of the track when stretched by the high temperature.

The machine designed superbly to make them able to perform work Batkana thanks to the stability of the design layers of the ground during drilling The drilling process is up where the wonderful Arava special transfer rules along the tunnel cornea mechanism.

After installing the machine it will be able to apply more drilling, while it is pressed on the edges of the tunnels to collect the surface of the tunnel from the inside and prevent it from collapse Did you know do not enter you can subscribe and admiration Also follow previous videos .


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