Rolls Royce Ghost review

Rolls Royce Ghost review 

Rolls Royce Ghost

You need a car to take luxury to another. Well, we might have fixed it is one of the latest cars to join the firm’s range of luxurious vehicles and aims to provide sumptuous quality with that well known Rolls Royce attention to detail. 

The question is, is it worth paying close to 300,000 pounds stock price. Let’s get inside and find out. There is a lot to talk about goes up front. Of course you’ve got that spirit of xc model which in this case is illuminated and the grille is illuminated to on all four corners.

you’ve got 21 inch 10 spoke alloy wheels which have centre caps which remain level, no matter where you’re parked, and it all tapers off into food, which is really stylish and very elegant, and all across the exterior of the car. You’ve got plenty of real metal bright work.

It gives a real sense of occasion for the whole look of the ghost, the Rolls Royce ghost is frankly, massive, what do you think about driving it day to day would you take them to market or would you feel happy, driving it through multistorey leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

And while you’re there, you look inside the ghost you’re greeted by ultra high quality materials you’ve got real with a factory, which shows stars and the ghost logo, and in front of you got a large multifunction steering wheel which has more your volume, and your cruise control functions to in the middle

things aren’t too cluttered either this system here is based on really intuitive and easy to use and you still get Apple CarPlay too so if you want to connect with friends in Canada it’s easiest to do so in the middle,
your heating and ventilation controls, and these which is here, again, are the ones that you will find in a BMW, so everything else is beautifully well made.

Apart from the indicators which are behind the wheel, these are really plasticky and in contrast with everything else in the cabinet, so it’s straight. They finished those in plastic. However, it is a small niggling over the wise, what is a fantastic cabin but of course, the biggest parts of the whole Rolls Royce experience is what it’s like

sitting in the back. Yeah. And you’re right, it is quite fantastic back here, in all honesty is one of the nicest places in the back of the car you can ever sit really when it comes to boot space the ghost.

Well, understandably, because it’s massive. Does reasonably well, the 507 bits of space and is nice and square and you’ve got these quite the intrusions over the wheels too which does mean you get a little more extra room at the back of the room is an area taken up by that drinks fridge.

Underneath the long bonnet of the Rolls Royce goes, it’s a 6.75 litre B 12 petrol engines 563 brake horsepower, and 850. In a Rolls Royce says, that’s enough to get me goes to zero at 60 miles an hour and 4.6 seconds. And on to a top speed of 155 miles an hour. When it comes to efficiency, not the best Rolls Royce quote 18.8 mpg combined emissions of 343 grammes per kilometre.

The first thing that you have to get to grips with when driving the Rolls Royce ghost is the sheer size of the thing is massive. so that means that when you’re parking, or even doing slow speed manoeuvres, you have to be constantly conscious about clarity.
It’s significantly longer than any traditional car and even say next to an E class or even an S class, it looks a whole lot bigger. However, once you’re over this initial size the ghost is a car, it’s actually quite easy to drive.

Okay, so on smaller lanes later on today. You do have to be a little more conscious of where your edges are but overall, it’s not too difficult. The steering is quite light on, as you’d expect from a Rolls Royce, The ride is wonderful, is not quite as soft as you might expect, and there is some slight patter coming through from the server into the cabin, but it’s, it’s pretty good.

And then you’ve got this engine is beautiful being 12 engine on it which just whisks you up to speed. And the amazing thing is that you’re so isolated from the acceleration that it’s sometimes hard to understand how you’re going so quickly so you put your foot down and then all of a sudden Yep.

You are your national speed limit territory without ever really noticing that you’re doing it in the first place. The visibility isn’t too bad either for such a large car. These pillars are quite thick and the gap between the wing mirror is quite small so you do have to take a little more care when you’re exiting junctions around about four by large is not bad at all.

The control weights are really nicely judged to the throttle isn’t too sharp but it gives you enough performance as of when you need it.

The brake pedal in particular has a really nice solid feel to it and that’s what’s going to walk my knees, trying to bring this car to a stop. This isn’t the car that you want to hustle quickly it’s a car that you’re quite happy just to sit back and let it take the strain you enjoy the ride and you enjoy where you’re going with you don’t feel overburdened with the sense that you need to be driving quickly even though you can do it.

Now it’s more than happy just cruising along quite merrily in fact us mere mortals might not consider ever spending 300,000 pounds on a car, but if you were in the market, knew that ghost is a luxurious and refined way to spend that amount of money.

It is quite understated given how vast it is, and now with more improvements over the previous generations, it’s even better to drive so the person behind the wheel isn’t gonna feel shortchanged by, while the people in the back watching television. It might be astoundingly expensive, but this car is well worth the money. If you’re in the market, pay that amount for it.

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