Porsche 911 Turbo S 2021

Porsche 911 Turbo S 2021

Porsche 911 Turbo S 2021

This is an emotional labour to buy. And apparently it’s even quicker than the old Turbo S which is actually one of the fastest cars ever driven. So in this topic I’m gonna be putting this car through various performance tests to see just how quick it really is, as well as giving you a general all round reviewing as well. Now if you click on the pop up.

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I start off by talking about the engine and this is the closest you can get to it because it’s under the rear axle 3.7 litre twin turbo flat six with a 650 horsepower and a continued two metres of torque that simply holds Powerball and 50 newton metres all the old Turbo S had redraws all four wheels by an eight speed PDK dual clutch automatic

gearbox Porsches is called the nought to 60 in just 2.7 seconds which is point two of a second quicker than the old 911 Turbo S for more glasses on so I can make doubly sure that I can see where I’m going, because it’s that quick, but I want to test out their claim so you coming here, right here,

and the luxurious car quite easy to put the car into Sports Plus mode that drive the gear for the throttle, we should be good to go.

We are now on. Crikey, bang on 2.6 seconds 2.63 To be precise, it’s clearly not the guy because the tires were cold, it was scrambling for grid. Let’s see if we can do better stability came in, quick on 2.6 want that go quicker because the stability deep cuts in.

I think that’s a certain point five five everyone we have a winner, ladies and gentlemen. Thankfully Porsche has given us a standard carbon ceramics and an absolutely 390 millimetre this Grit by four piston callipers, so that bigger brakes they get on most cars. Actually, 

420 millimetre this grip by 10 piston callipers and I say just I put these braids and really our southern break test from symptoms now when originalline down code for emergency stop the cone after is 50 metres away so I want to stop before that ideally quite a bit before that but we shall see.

I’ve checked the distance exactly using my new specialist timing gear, Once again, so let’s do it as quick as we can shift. Labour the shortest distance, I’ve ever stopped building,

Especially 39 metres, that’s the best value for the doctors rather consultants that is you have to be consultant level to affordable nice compared to the normal career for s the Turbo S is track which is the distance between the wheels across an axle is 43 millimetres wide with the back behind the front for some reason. Porsche torque vectoring is a standard so that’s effectively an electronically controlled limited slip differential of the back.

And what it does is in power to the rear wheel. The most great help slingshot Yeah, according to temporis has two sport suspension it comes a standard with a conductive dampers he can choose between a farmer.

You can also upgrade the car which this one has to the optional sports suspension upgrade which basically just loads it when you’re driving. Normally the drive system basically says, or the park to the rear wheels, then when you need some extra grip at the front to consent 500 newton metres of torque to the front wheels to help pull you out of trouble with dynamic engine moments when you’re just driving along normally they’re kind of fairly loose and relaxed and chilled so you don’t get too many vibrations entering the cabin,

and then when you go around a corner that ties up, there’s not an engine moving about all over the place to keep the carbonises precise. There’s also active anti roll bars which sort of do a similar job with a suspension so we’re just driving along in a straight line overlap. And then we go in a corner they kind of work properly. And obviously.

it’s all nice and precise, again, with more real nice emphasises, and then children who needed to be started off the Turbo S is rear wheel steering, which is a winning over low speed, the back wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels bit like on a forklift truck to aid, low speed manoeuvrability, then when you’re going faster that’s in turn in the same direction as the front wheels to aid high speed stability. Interestingly, the rear wheel steering system into the turbo X responded with the 6% quicker than that .

you can fit, optionally, to the normal high level, the turbo is also comes standard with the new season AC system over there. Operating the background thing we’ll use that for is to prevent the kind of like mice in your garage, which could nor await the car wiring or anything like that so the car.

Very very good. Fortunately, it’s quite expensive if you’re just hoping to the normal 911, but with the turbos you get is standard. Okay, let’s see what this thing is like on a twisty road so we’ve got the car in Sports Plus mode .

and finding the gearbox in my gosh this gearbox is quick steering wheel the stability control, helping me out a bit there but of course quite just when you lift off more than I was expecting. Grip is insane, and body control is great as well it just stays nice and flat. Wait just like moulds on rich bit of understeer when you push the wall but you let all furniture comes in comes out round rear engine car, supposedly unbalanced. The balance is incredible, either the turbo is supposed to be the least.

But that was a lot of fun it’s Tomahawk racing but not in a way like I’m scared or recommend to drive this in quickly. Safe and secure it helps you out. It’s not Larry crazy like the GT two Rs and if you want to see my board that video review of that card, click on the mobile bedroom there, but you know what smile on your face, and you’ll get to your destination in one piece.

No problem at all fortunate. the stability control should go all the way off. I just bought a four wheel drive it should be on set, centre the part of the rear wheels like I said earlier, so let’s see if it will slide Shall we definitely will.

Until the power comes into the runs when it starts to slide a bit too much, but it will do what you want it to do really good controllable. The Turbo has a redesigned front bumper compared to the normal 911 for the vents, obviously, for real.

And it’s got these little bins here, which are called the cost. I can look more aggressive, though it still doesn’t look as aggressive as the old GT two Rs. The Turbo S has 22 alloy wheels on the front and 21 inches at the back, and it has those racing style centre locking nuts as well which is pretty cool. Also you might notice this, because this extra side skirt here which kicks out towards the rear, and the obligatory turbo air scoops, all real again.

Here’s the back of the turbo X his body is actually eight millimetres wide, just across its rear haunches, to give it a bit more presence, also the spoiler is visible rather than the pop up motion you get on the normal career as though this does pop up further when you gain faster and speed. It also has a visible horizontal brake light rather than the vertical ones.

which are worked into the engine cover on the normal car. The rear bumper is reworked as well so you’ve got some thicker air vents at the side, and you got your Turbo S badging there also the number plate has been moved down to normal cards and reason being for some more vents here, which feed the ancient parchment further location that number plate the opening loadout who What do you think, let me know in the comments box below and on the inside the device is covered is pretty much identical.

Really nicely sporty feeling, high quality cabin with a brilliant driving position, essentially the type of system is pretty decent, rear wing and wide unwanted says no, as well as I have no place in the steering wheel, as well as get extra silver trim on the global encounter .

You also get a lot of adjustment that is instead of the normal way electrical adjustment at the standard car, and it also has turbos embossed on the headrest and that’s pretty much a lot of this, you also get sports Kronos as standard on the Turbo S which includes his drive mode selector on the steering wheel and the button the Turbo S is just like any other 911 So it’s not particularly pleasant for children, and is bordering on mediaeval torture for adults. If you need to carry some things into the people who can fall down and succeed.

If you need to squeeze in some unusually shaped object as a lever to get a foot boots though for some reason, Matobo SS capacity is 128 litres whereas the Coronavirus has 132 litres, what do they do with those bodies. So the capacity is greater here than from the from the get on an IoT all right and if you’d like to see a Porsche racing idea right click on the pop up button there to watch the drag race.

Now it’s time for the car wave five annoying things about this car, most new cars are lighter than the cars they replace but not here. You see the forest 911 Turbo S is 14 kilos heavier than the old one weighs in at 16 140 kilos so it’s porker by name and Paul combined he says this car should be able to return 23 miles per gallon.

Over the past 460 miles this one has done 15.5 miles per gallon, which is about the same kind of economy I get my big old AMG t 63. On this plan Porsche is as good as a 3.8 litre engine. That’s a lie. It’s actually like getting a 3.7 litre is a 3.745 litre engine to be precise, which you should round down.

However, the Germans is rounding everything up regardless. And that’s where the economy is behind this car to sound as good as it can and you need to upgrade the sports exhaust, and it’s a 2001 engine a bad option when ready should be standard on a car at this price. Now, normally the cost as is.

When you press the button opens a valve and the exhaust, then it sounds like this is the sign that you make in the first place. There’s no spare wheel in this car, so you have to use tire, see the good thing is though that’s actually the options list. Now it only costs 42 pounds which is a replacement to someone who can afford a car, such as this, but why does he forget to select it .

which he may well do but he just assumed that he was standard, and he’s going to get a puncture, and you’re going to be left stranded, is this. Don’t worry , there’s still plenty to like about this call is a call Why live call features. The eight speed automatic gearbox has a longer final gear compared to the Carrera four s which means that these top speed 50 miles an hour higher at 205 miles an hour .

as well as the extendable rear spoiler there’s also an extendable front splitter, we combine all those aerodynamic add ons, you get from a maximum of 100 kilogrammes combined downforce, like the turbo charges on the old Turbo S was the same way, the ones on the new Turbo S, it’s been the opposite way, which helps improve the airflow into the engine for quicker responses.

The station prime oversees the doors and makes that the original line level turbo 937 Does this work, draw your towards about scraping your cars nose speed humps and stuff, don’t worry you can pay 70 to two pounds for a front axle lift.

One of the great things about the Porsche 911 Turbo is that it’s so easy to live with every day. When you drive around town, put in normal mode, the controls are just nice and high, gearboxes good visibility is actually really good, good for a normal car .

brilliant for like, something with this much performance. Check on a fifth day and then he’s swinging to overtake so one floor it seems Darren, as we’ll spin that if God knows Walker that’s 100 Well, I just wakes up again and it’s utterly, utterly barking mad, Actually let’s move the accelerations from 40 miles an hour in fourth gear. Fair turbo lag now it’s on boost, and it’s just flying, flying. And that’s 100. Now you might say speed sign saying 70 Don’t worry.

This is a closed road and do 100 and this thing you can do 100 No problem. Let’s put it back into just relaxing automatic mode and chill a bit now Angela and I did notice two problems with the car, going back to the station to get so much road noise from 50 miles an hour and it’s quite annoying, and we’re going a bit quicker just hear the wind whistling through there a little bit.

The standout feature though is the suspension was just in normal mode it’s absolutely fine over buttons. Anyway, that’s enough for that let’s have some more fun again. My new word for the gearbox. Well, you really can’t be a complete moron with it, and he won’t kill you. 

It just holds on in the bands for an even wider and understand, lift up, comes back round, no problem, all safe and sound. Jobs are good places is very much. Finally, let’s talk about the price to the Porsche 911 Turbo starts with the standard you get porch matrix LED headlights, reversing camera, which, believe it or not, isn’t standard or the normal nine level and upgraded both stereo and metallic paint.

There is no standard not just a flat colour. Good, this card does have the option to it such as night vision and that supports exhorting. As a result, this one costs 167,000 pounds, which is quite a lot of money, but you can’t make a Porsche 911 Turbo is a bit more affordable by having it on these higher too difficult to pop up on a day 

you can see the lease higher options are fortunately lemons, through call I guess a mistake can cost you. So that was my final verdict on the Porsche 911 Turbo S, should you avoid it should you stop, you should just go ahead and buy if you can afford it, just buy boy or Lisa. Just get one. It’s great. I like to think I’m a cat whisperer.

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