Nissan Z 400 Horsepower, Twin Turbo, Two Seats, $ 40.000 / 2023


Nissan Z 400 Horsepower, Twin Turbos, Two Seats, $ 40.000 / 2023

Nissan Z 400 Horsepower, Twin Turbos

This strategy is electrifying 3% of all new vehicle, offering and a key market by early 2013 It’s not easy of course there’s a lot of challenges, because we need to first to define how we can make a solution of the technology, along with the AV strategy will rectify because strategy and how we can balance is competitive, and how we can offer something value to the customer, especially when you talk about total cost of ownership, and this is what we are measuring today, and for, as you may be aware that we just announced in the UK to have our electrified strategy already as a first proof point and we father would like to deploy more on our coal market and this is how we have tried to make our strategy, right now for the next five to 10 years, when it comes to the Nissan’s full ADA compliant vehicle.

A key component in manufacturing, electric vehicles is battery development. I just wonder what type of synergies, you’re looking to extract from the alliance as a whole. Given the battery innovation that is required to meet some of your pleasure, are you looking at getting synergies from being part of the Alliance at this point, and are you confident, it can burn down by three, because

we have defined the same solution of the technology of the battery. Alone versus the other one yes we will not be enough in terms of the scale method, therefore, we do have this common solution, where the client can benefit from the scale of the minutes, not only that, how we can utilise our development, sharing among the alliance is also another key in order for us. We are working today and this is.

Well, there’s another segment in your sustainability report that I read, making on human rights and the reason I bring this up is that Nissan tends towards that quite a bit of its cobalt from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where a lot of the mining, that’s on there has been under exploited. So, how do you square up your sustainability initiatives with some of the practices that go on from the countries where you extractable.

Let me put it this way the sourcing of some of the water is clear creates not only the risk of a geographic issue but also in some cases, environmental and human rights issues, for example, related to cobalt mining. We actually know we’re working hard

on this addition to developing technology that minimise the amount of material that we use. We also promote the recycling of use developments. Our initiative. Our energy that we have population in Japan. We are always on development, which would enable us to be nice to you, right, dry, water for the sun, as well as reducing the use of the layer elements. This also has a high speed, and increasing speed. So this is what we are going to try and work to evolve. The property to leasing this property without your question what we have just asked him to do. Okay. And fair enough,

I want to round up this discussion by asking you a question that I guess is close to my heart as being that I am alive. Japan is not known for its diverse workplace policies and in fact, only about 5% of management in Japanese workers is comprised of women at Nissan also pledged to increase the number of women in managerial roles from 13% by 2023. How are you going to get there and do you think that that number is still perhaps not ambitious enough.

Yes, diversity and inclusion as a global cohort. and this has always been our. Precisely. Yeah right before 7% Arch Japanese manufacturer FBA picks his father the 13 or so local client, our target is not his most famous quote in writing text regulating corporate initiatives and supporting LGBT employees for Japanese auto company in 2017. So, I am very confident man, that we have been doing this for the past 21 years I will say that we can be bothered to continue, we will have this situation to materialise. and this is what we are focusing on today.