NEW Mercedes G-CLASS – EQG Full Electric Exclusive

NEW Mercedes G-CLASS – EQG Full Electric Exclusive

NEW Mercedes G-CLASS - EQG Full Electric Exclusive

Mercedes G-CLASS – EQG 

EQ g the full electric g class g wagen concept here we have the EQG, here it is, this is just a concept model or have already had a talk with the product managers and they told me this will be very close to production serious, Arnold is getting his g class full electric production in the future.

By the way, as Mercedes presented that he QC the issue a the EQ B and the US making the most selling best selling products go full electric with the S Class or with the GLC now it’s time for the icon the G class going fully electric now here we have the EQ G.

This is specific is just a concept vehicle, but we can expect this as a production vehicle in the future. So guys, stick with me. Let me show you more about this car. So what makes this EQ g so special? I will be talking about that while doing a full walk around showing you all the exterior features and afterwards asking you the questions do we actually need an electrical g class but yeah, let’s just go and get right into it start talking about this guy get specific to to finish on a G wagen.

On the bottom we have a silver finish. And on the top black finish. This is just a concept vehicle but very close to production serious.

There’s so much I need to show you so let’s get right into it and start with the walkaround talking about the headlight and specifically we have the standard G class multibeam headlights.

Also the indicators, as usual, the front bonnet as usual but looking at the grill here we have a full panel this is actually a display in the backgrounds playing like g class grill animations, but what can we expect? I think in the future, we will just have a full blank panel maybe with some little Mercedes Benz cars or 3d emblems. Mercedes Benz star in the front it seems like this is also illuminated .

What’s you’re looking at on the G on the electrical g class the EQ GI Oh Love beats guys, there’s no change. This is original. This is tradition. Something else You can’t like with each other. Instead, we have the same g class taillights as we have on this car is trash. So Electrical g class the EQ g i love these. If they would present these we are going to production theories I would buy it 100%.

As you know I’m a big lover of monoblock, optimising music marketing campaigns with personal lateral type neural on top. We also have this part is also illuminated looking very interesting.

You can like put stuff also on top of the G class. The side everything is almost the same and something that’s also the same out To be cool, but now it’s time to talk about the reader because this looks very special. Talking about the reader guys, you can see we have two brake lights on top.

Also over there. the spare tire cover Lucknow, which I love. I’m a biggest fan of this. I mean having an EKG looking like a normal production g class is the bezel or six by six. Let’s see what the future Applause passage what’s your take it hot or not?  What do you Friends think? Leave your comments in the comment section below. So now it’s time to finish it all off with a resume. 

I mean, all the G class fanboys the traditional I mean, do we need an electrical g wagen? Is this what we need? I don’t think so. I will the G class loses its tradition. I don’t know guys, but in my opinion, this is a very nice alternative. I mean, going electric is the future and we also need To go full electric with our most beloved g class, how do you like the idea the concept, the production vehicle will be out soon.

the production vehicle All in all, I love the way they didn’t create A Calm Have you come out of this world Instead they stick to the Traditional g class. Look at And that’s why I’m actually positive . All in all guys really enjoyed doing this News . Looking forward to see you all again. Really looking forward to read all your comments in the comment section below and wish You all have a great time .

Concept Mercedes G-CLASS – EQG Full Electric 

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