Mercedes maybach S-Class 2021 luxury

Mercedes maybach S-Class 2021 luxury

Mercedes maybach S-Class 2021 luxury

welcome to Mercedes Benz King. This is the own new Mercedes mobile Escalade, and in today’s video I will show you the complete exterior, interior, the quality and all new Meiburg features. We will also start the engine and listen to the sound. Let’s start with the length,
it is around 80 centimetres longer than the long wheelbase Escalades enter this easy to manoeuvre around because it has the air XL steering, I’ve got the key right here, it has the mic lettering and a gorgeous white matching colour from the very you can already see the new design tool lights,

 different compared to the newest generation as close. So let’s have a look at the exterior, as you will immediately have a look at the front.

Because visually mobile has increased the hood by an engine hood strip with a chrome plated design, and it has a beautiful front grille with a vertical pinstripes.

And they get thicker in the upper part, which is a new characteristic of mobile, and you will see this in more details of this court. We already saw this grill into my book GLS to emphasise the breadth of the front,

Margaret has grown, the wool air intake, and you can actually choose between a black or chrome honey comb the inner part. And the combination of the micro lettering. The Mercedes store on the hood of this chrome stripe.

He gives us new strings to the name of my gorgeous combination. So let’s have a look at the interior. Before you enter you have this micro lettering on the door side. Beautiful priced leather stitching and quality material inside.

Even as pillows in the front seats are completely new for the new asked last generation. Large important for display in the centre has the most luxury. and it has the newest invitation display, which can be found in the centre, clock face, and it appears, three dimensional way. So in this point of view perspective,

it is time to listen to the sound of this engine. So tell me, Do you think this is a V eight or B truth. Let me know.

But before we do that, make sure you follow me on Instagram, the link is down below, and I have amazing content special for you about all new Mercedes Benz vehicles. This is the new mobile steering wheel with a gorgeous root material around it, the edge of the instruments is also covered in the brand typical colour rose gold.

You can see that from the gauges, a large Mercedes store in the centre and the mobile lettering at the bottom. Currently it is on the mind of exclusive display, and this really underpins the special status of the mind, and it of course has the newest MBU x part of the s cloth generation. It is time to listen to the sound of this engine.

So tell me guys, what do you think of the sound. So let’s move over. As you can see that it has a two tone exterior colour, divided by a pencil line, which is handmade. It separates the line with amazing quality. And just look at the aesthetics. It screams V IP, the B pillar of the my book is in traditional Chrome,

and this is to differentiate between the driver and the VIP passenger, you will see that the rear doors of the C pillar are wider, and the C prevous consists of a single solid triangle window.

It has beautiful 20 inch mobile specific meals. And we know these from the predecessors. It has a centre cap is highest the screws inside are fairly exclusive.

You can also go for the Milty double spoke 21 inch rims. The mobile emblem on the C pillar. And can you imagine, it actually can be illuminated in some markets, and talking about the headlines. This is part of the wall new generation S glows digital light system. It has more than 1.3 million pixels for each site. This way, the mobile can project markings on the road, and even warning symbols. And guys, that you actually know that one out of six as close as sold last here are all my wealth.

And this takes us over to the rear side, a gorgeous two tone colour, which you can also notice here at the trunk. It does the neutral light design for the mind and the differentiation lies in the animation,

because the Escalade only has the upper part, but the mobile also has the lower part in an animation, and here you can see the flowing indicator, which is also different compared to the standard as close more sophisticated technology like device pilot the automated driving system,

you can expect in the second half of next year, the handmade pencil swipe makes the car look very long, and due to the extension on the trunk, it looks also a very wide.

 Amazing split exhaust system for the mobile very distinctive. So let’s have a look at the VIP interior. Once you go inside

You will notice a sense of attachment as our. The most amazing thing is that the door panel is extremely long. And there you can see the advantage of the 18 centimetre increase the length of the door panel,

it has to see the distance, which actually looked like this plane. If you have the ambient light turned on, you can see this gorgeous blue diamond colour with a permissive surround sound system. And yes, this is the for the technology.

So you will also sense the museum in your seats. There’s also a large wave of emblem on the backside of the front end cold driver’s seat. Just centred on so it has the air vents. The Bible’s legendary.

There’s also a new Comfort function for the VIP seats. Now for the first time has the cove and leg massage. It also has a new neck and shoulder heating in the rear seats, and even the pillows are heated my book also implemented the automatic seat belt,

which comes forward, also for the rear seats. So this is extensively upgraded, even the carpet is made very soft.

The interviewer is very employed with gorgeous ambient lighting, and besides that Mercedes might have asked laws to adjust the size and the position of the light support automatically wherever you wish with your hand. So if you want to take some papers in the front seat.

Mercedes maybach S-Class 2021

It will be lit up by the interior light. As you can see the design of Baccharis trim on the back of the front seats for the Mercedes my boss.

And what we see here is a noble wooden ball wrapped around the back of the driver and the CO driver seat with the infotainment system display for MBU x for all four passengers. And that’s not all. You can open a centre call services.

Also by 80 centimetres. And who can, for example, have your secret champagne glasses. Furthermore, it has the terminal medic airvent control.

Also, inside the storage space. So let’s close it. You can see how the mechanism works. Beautiful black piano, and the air vents on the top of the board has the Noise Compensation,

which makes it very quiet in the mind actually uses the salary level for the surround sound system. And yes, for the, because you can sense the music with the visitor concert flows all the way to the back and says a gorgeous flowing design. If you go for the wood option.

You can also have it between the VIP seats, gorgeous, with some more storage space, exactly where the glosses belong. Besides that, you have a fridge, in the centre part. And there’s also a button to press on the top of the ceiling for you to open and close the door.

This is very handy, and it can even be used on a hillside. So let’s see how it works in the predecessor Poolman direct the door to you. And this will close automatically. So guys, I hope you like this topics of the all new Mercedes .