Mercedes AMG EQS 53 2022 . FULL Review Interior complete review

Mercedes AMG EQS 53 2022 . FULL Review Interior complete review

Mercedes AMG EQS 53 2022

The Mercedes AMG DQ s 53 formatic plus. So in this video I will walk through the interior and the special AMD DNA, as you can already see the Panamericana grille,

yes in an easy to sell to close service, as it also has the suspension of the AMG four door coupe, and this way you see the full medical of that on the slide.

So let’s move directly into the forum. You can see that it also shares the same design language already eq as A and D line. This is from bumpers, and this one has been nice, because those are from Chrome, and then the fungus user you can see the H shape, which is more aggressive with the lion.

Visualise descenders on the AMG mobile, the EQ s. And before we continue, make sure you follow me on Instagram, the link is down below. They have amazing content special for you about all new Mercedes Benz vehicles. The AMG ones, and the most exclusive.

Also in this combination. And yes, there’s a beautiful Panamericana grille with 14 vertical lines.

On top of this one bold light, design, and you can also see that in the greenhouse. The one bow, and two might now think, what are the additional AMG characteristics that Mercedes AMG has added to the EQ s .

Though it’s ranges from the suspension, steering, all the way to the sound and the performance, because now with the two motors, it has 660 horsepower, and if you go for the AMG Viking package, you will have 760 horsepower.

So that means from zero to 100 kilometres an hour. In only 3.4 seconds, and also with the AMG driving package you will extend the top speeds from 220 kilometres an hour to 250 kilometres an hour. And what about the sound. 

I already hear you’re thinking, well, Mercedes AMG actually changed the combination that you can choose, with the standard EQ s equal choose three different sound experiences, but with the AMG, two different phones, the authentic, as a performance sound, as you might also expect exterior sounds when driving by or overtaking. But that’s we will see in the future. 

Let’s have a quick glimpse of the interior, and there we can already see the AMG characteristic seats with the Bejing affordable on the headrest. And this is a two tone combination interior. Of course it has the hyper screen which is standard for the AMG models, and yes it has different displays AMC specific abuse, beautiful bright AMG steering wheel.

This is what we already saw in the ecos facelift with a flat bottom design, two vertical lines in Chrome, and yes it has the capacitive buttons. So this thing will actually recognise when you’re holding it. And it also has the AMG switchers, on the steering wheel, which are called the satellites.

You can change the driving characteristics, suspension, steering wheel, stiffness, and probably the song. I like this, AMC specific seats, more than the current EQ s. And this is because of the rear part, it is in our show. Overall a beautiful interior, as you could already see in my driving videos as on Instagram. To check out these rims, AMC specific 22 inch. 

These are the largest that you can get for the EQ S AMG. And you can also change the colours inside, because currently it is Chrome black, and you can for example have the restaurants, and the ceramic brakes are also available for the EQ S AMG. I really love how the Mercedes store sticks out.

and the test is 3d like design Escalades and AMG characteristics combined. It also has the dark chrome AMG specific side skirts. Beautiful. And by the way, the wheelbase is around three metres and 21 centimetres, similar to the Escalade long wheelbase.

So from this one bow design, we’ll move over into the most interesting part in my opinion, and that is this GT style where it’s very broad shoulders. And yes it has the AMG lettering on the left side, with the EQ s 53 on the other side, and for the people who watch

a lot of marzban skiing. We definitely see that the AMG. There was three horizontal lines instead of two like the regular EQ s. And yes, a very nice diffuser with vertical lines on the sides, does replace the position of the exhaust. The all new Mercedes AMG EQ s 53 is really oriented on the driving performance.

The ABS and the front bumper, have a new function. They actually go over to the rims, move up, so that there’s less spinning error, really an aerodynamic feature.

The AMG rims have a turban still just like the air vents inside with the nice package you have a lot of black chrome and black on tours around the window. Inside we have men made leather, and also three different Nappa leather versions. Does the AMG logo embossing on the headrest. As I mentioned,

two motors, which produced together 660 horsepower. The motor in the front now produces 174 kilowatts. In the year 310 So in total 484 kilowatts, and it still was saying, DQ S battery system 200 kilowatts. For EQ S AMG 53 does not have the 10 degrees, where extra steering could be any mechanical

event, but it’s not Shala, It’s rather as the nine degrees were exoteric.

AQ S battery system 200 kilowatts. The EQ S AMG 53 does not have the 10 degrees, rear axle steering it rather has the nine degrees rear axle steering, and that has to do with the larger 22 inch rims, and the very wide wheels.

Mercedes AMG 53 formatic loss, and I hope to see you guys next time. Bye bye. Impressive break the door closes automatically. Yes, it also has the rear axle steering so check it out.

I put you put your hand on the door handle it closes. I’m showing you all this because this road trip in Switzerland.

I want to show you all the gadgets and technology that the AQ S has. We are starting in hotel boulder grant in Zurich, and you could already see from Instagram that we are staying over there. And now we will go to Teddy on the mud. So let’s open the door.

There you can see it automatically opens. We’ll quickly join you inside. Press the brake for the door to close again and there you can see a beautiful interior with this hyper screen. I especially love this air vent in one

build design. So right here you can see our roads are currently at subtle and on our way to a bit now.

So let’s press this button for the 3d mode, and we’ll put on my seatbelt, and I’ll pull it into Drive and here you can see the new ESCO steering wheel with the capacitive button so no harsh vocals anymore.

You can change the volume by just sliding with your finger into this very intuitive, the system actually learns from your swiping behaviour. You can probably notice that there’s a low amount of noise in the interior .

I will take a left turn right here. You can see the navigation, augmented reality, in front of us you can see the size of the speed limit. And so now it is 80 kilometres an hour and that’s accelerated it’ll already at 80, just below it. So yes it has a lot of power this EQ s. And as you guys might have heard the W LTP is 780 kilometres, which was amazing.

I never expected this one electric vehicle. Let’s hit the button again. Facing the North. You can actually press the home button, go to Settings. Very cool stuff settings sound experience and change into the roaring songs. I can also put it into the support mode with this button right here that makes select, and the sound is more present. As you can see there are enough moments to accelerate.

Mercedes AMG EQS 53 2022