Land rover 2022 Super car

Land rover 2022 Super car

Land rover 2022 Super car

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Today I’m in New York City to take a first look at the newest version of a Land Rover icon.
It’s actually not the defender which is at our collective attention for the last few years. Today. 

It’s all about the range of satellites. So before we get deep into the new Range Rover, I’d like to remind you to please subscribe to the Moto one US channel we have new content going up every week and we wouldn’t want you to miss anything.

Because the 2022 Range Rover Believe it or not, this is only the fifth generation vehicle for this car in the United States. That doesn’t change very often.

But when they make changes they really go through and despite this car looking pretty similar to the one that’s currently on the road. A lot about it is different. There’s new powertrain there’s new tech options there’s even an all electric version coming in 2024. We’ll get through all of that right now.

Let’s start with a design walk around. Let’s break this thing down section by section starting with the front which is where I think this looks the most like the car that’s currently on sale. The headlights are pretty similar.

The biggest differentiator is going to be lower bumper which started from scratch and the entire width of the car. This is a moment where I’m going to put the gridding emoji on the screen because that’s what I see when I see it.

But this is the Range Rover there will be plenty of different ways that you can have this dress up there’s going to be a black packet that will black out the grille to black out the lower section, there’s gonna be different designs can actually do different colours on the word mark as well.

So a million different ways you can dress this thing up. This is the first edition that we’re looking at here. So you’re gonna have a choice, a long wheelbase which is going to be eight inches longer than what you see here. And there’s actually going to be a seven V configuration for the first time in the US all that is later on.

Let’s focus on the design changes because this is where you start to see the things and the things that they’ve improved.

What they haven’t done is gone and put in a tonne of different body lines. The whole thing is very simple and very reduced. And that’s the look they were going for. And again depending on how you spec the car, this will be done in different colours.

Regardless of the mirrors are going to be black, and a lot of it will be a black accent. There’s three main body lines to check out with this car. We have a nice, huge customer the entire length of the vehicle.

The roofline is obviously very important and super iconic and what they have tweaked is down below. This sort of sweep up the back of the car and that looks much different than the current car.

These are 23 inch wheels crazy the way this thing is squatted down in the proportion. They don’t even look that big 20 threes are going to be the biggest wheel option. The smallest you’ll be able to get our 20 inch wheel. Here we are washed door handles which will go flat bodywork, we saw those first on the floor.

They look very nice. And other than that it’s just a little bit more fresh and a little bit more modern than before. This will immediately be the view that everybody recognises this as a new car. They’ve really done some nice make this completely distinct as a new model.

 taillights might be my favourite design feature on the entire vehicle when the car has no power the black designers are telling me that are actually powerful payloads. Incredibly bright. Through the Blackfeet like really elegant. I love the woman in the vertical.

I do a good bit of Rolls Royce Cullinan from the rear three quarter angle. I don’t know if that’s just me, but there’s a lot more squared off and upright in its stance in the previous Range Rover is a clip holding tailgate, and now they’ve actually made it more functional before. Like I mentioned earlier, you can get a seven seat option.

It still has the air suspension. You can watch the car when you’re loading groceries and make it easier to get in and out of for the first time
get that all set up in the background here and we make it a little picnic.

Cupholders really didn’t add the opener without being a Range Rover Of course everything is covered in various materials station where they showed us all the new woodgrain leathers. Fantastic as you would expect from this type of vehicle.

We’re getting a custom now with cars like the Grand wagoneer and others were screened all over the place for doing additional passenger displays, splitting this up into multiple displays. Range Rover actually took the opposite approach they reduced the number of screens at least in front of the driver.

This is a lot better down here where you control the fan speed the heated seats things like that.

There’s just some touch capacitive buttons here. And then two physical knobs. There are 213 inch ish displays in front of the driver. This is an all new digital instrument cluster look very bright, very clear. This is the latest generation of the Pivi pro infotainment system. It’s running in demo mode right now. So I can’t actually control anything.

But this is going to be faster than before it’s going to be over the air updates as well. And this is going to have standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Let’s go on a very quick walk around the Range Rover SV. So this is a couple of things.

This is the long wheelbase. This has the best back seat package you can get and basically the car next to me is going to compete with the GLS Smilebox. It is the absolute top top top of the model range you can get. You can see immediately the spec on this one is all copper.

So the Range Rover is done in copper. There’s some copper surrounding the front grille and then come alongside because we have these absolutely gorgeous 23 inch wheels with copper anyways, I love that they did that people would look at this and say Man, this is completely garish and very brash compared to the first car we looked at,

but this is obviously going to appeal to some Range Rover customers that want their car is very loud, speaking really loud. You can get a copper roof to match and make the whole spec just a little bit brighter and more in your face. Then you get to the absolute best part. The vaccine you hop in additional inches of leg room over the standard wheelbase model. You have displays in front of you here.

And all of this right now because the car is not on we can control it but it’s all going to be sort of like robotic or motorised so this trade table pops out. It comes all the way up here and it’s shared between the two back passengers

You have a pillow and of course you have just unbelievable materials all over the inside of this SP there’s even this leather trim that extends basically all the way out as a passenger.

If you look really closely in the woods, you can see these little triangle details. Well it really just took their time tried to make this as special as possible. So it’s nice to see how much of a departure This is from the standard wheelbase model. 

And just how many customers this car has to cater to. The 2022 Range Rover goes on sale in the spring of next year and it has a starting price at least for now of $140,000 ,

Land rover 2022 Super car