2021 Maserati Quattro porte Exclusive

2021 Maserati Quattro porte Exclusive

2021 Maserati Quattroporte

Welcome to Miller motor cars. My name is Cameron casies here to show you around the new 2021 Mazda it Quattroporte day, the longest running nameplate positivity history. Since its launch in 1963, the maaser it Quattroporte j has encompassed all things Marathi. The combination of a true athletic sports sedan with luxury details and room for five. The Quattro forte has evolved over the years to encompass a four wheel drive variants, multiple twin turbo V aids, and a twin turbo V six five still retaining the classic moderate proportions and design details that make it uniquely Quattroporte today.


Beginning at the front of the Quattroporte tech, you’ll see the black mesh inserts, at the lower spoiler and piano black gloss front end finish all of this signals, a more sporty intent with the GranSport model as this vehicle is you’ll notice on the headlights

Stainless steel and glass crystal inserts help illuminate the road ahead while giving a unique presence to the vehicle. The signature Maserati Trident now includes a full radar detection system, allowing the vehicle to maintain distance and speed from the vehicle in front, while also helping to avoid collision.


Before Maserati style is, in effect, adapted to the 21st century, as we move along to the side of the Quattroporte day, you will notice the signature of Mazda riding porthole design, signifying the number of cylinders, there’s three on this side and three on the driver’s side as well. For 2021


we’re introducing a new wheel finish for the vehicle, the 20 inch dark cost per sale that we’ll be featuring contrast, silver, and gloss grade finishes. We have red callipers on this vehicle, but any customers who select the number of blue, red or silver finishes for the calibres as they see them as we move towards the rear doors .


you’ll notice that all four are frameless a signature mas ready styling element that allows for easier ingress and egress from the vehicle. The signature of the Contra portait is the length of the receipt. If a true executive saloon with room for five passengers in pure comfort. You’ll see on this vehicle, we have the beautiful Nero rebel A, which is a mica metallic paint with glass flake in it. In tones of purple, green and gold, which helped to highlight the creases, and the overall body lines, beautifully.


As part of the launch of the 2021 model, the new tail light signify a more modern approach for the monster it design language, clear, or smoked elements on the tail lights are new for 2021 and helped to highlight new LED technology integrated into both the front and rear lights on the Grand Sport model here, you will notice that there is a diffuser and a gloss black insert to match the front, the SQ for designation on this model signifies the twin turbo V six and four wheel drive with intelligent limited slip differential.


to help with traction in all weather conditions. This 2021 kwacha forte is a fully custom specification with contrast thing Savia and Nero inserts on the seat with a piano fury leather on this particular vehicle you’ll notice all of the hand stitching and a crosshatch pattern, the embossed tried and logos on the headdress and the optional 3d carbon fibre trim on the paddle shifters, interior console trim and door sills. All of this comes together to create a truly unique cabin, which highlights the design aesthetic of the exterior


while melding the Italian approach to luxury for the interior occupants. For 2021, the Quattroporte a Ghibli and Lavonne Table feature a brand new edgeless infotainment system featuring a number of new innovations such as wireless Apple CarPlay wireless charging. True 3d maps with real time traffic, 


and the optional full safety suite of adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane keep assist and automatic emergency braking. You’ll notice as a stark comparison to 2020, the screen is incredibly high resolution, featuring multiple different sub menus for comfort.


You can adjust the airflow from the screen here 2021 marks the launch of the monitor it connected services app with integration in the vehicle and on your smartphone of choice, you will be able to communicate with the car, located, lock it. Check service history and multiple other functions as well, including with each and every 2021 Mazda Rottie. You’ll notice as well as we go into the infotainment system, a new high resolution 360 degree backup camera.


Looking ahead from the steering wheel, your eyes drawn to the new updated gauge cluster for the 2021 model, featuring a speedometer and tachometer inspired by the world of watches, it’s particularly chronographs you’ll see Chris monochromatic displays of speeds and a top speed limit of 190.


You have different sub menus here on the screen that you can show different drivers functions such as what’s playing on the radio, your Apple CarPlay, navigation and drivers assist menu with full self driving.


You also have a larger screen with higher resolution and was in the 2020 models. In this Quattroporte team, we have the optional Bowers and Wilkins surround sound system, hand assembled in England, and sent to Italy for installation. The Bowers and Wilkins system optimises audio for the entire vehicle, featuring 16 speakers .


and nearly 2000 watts. The Bowers and Wilkins system offers uncompromised, attention to detail and clarity in audio performance, regardless of whether you’re listening to the radio, streaming music from your iPhone, or using Bluetooth.


As you can see from the rear seat, the design of the Quattroporte say perfectly accommodates for full size adults. Excellent leg room headroom and width, provide an ample and comfortable environment for your travellers. Under the hood of the Quattroporte.


You’ll find the three litre twin turbo for I drive the six between 424 horsepower and over 400 pounds of torque. It propels the Quattroporte to a top speed, north of 160 miles per hour, and offers uncompromised performance, regardless of situation with a unique Mazar it sound and signature exhaust note.


If e6 is by all means, the heart of the Quattroporte. Loaded with the sale of every 2021 Mazda Rottie comes this beautifully wrapped lacquer box for the owner, including a scale metal model of the vehicle. Key Italian Leather key chain and a charm. It welcomes you to the world of Mazda Rottie in ways you need to zone.


Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo 4K cinematic 



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